The magic of Anzela pool in Sur

Anzela pool was rediscovered thanks to DEHAP municipality in 2004 and it has been the joy of children since.

Children living close to the historic Anzela pool in the borough of Sur, Amed, said goodbye to pleasant moments during the summer with the beginning of the colder weather. 

In the summer, children were swimming in the pool of Anzela to get away from the extreme heat of Amed and had fun moments there. 

After the weather has cooled down and the autumn arrives early, children will wait for the next summer to enter the pool.

The fish pool, which was once subject of legends and folk songs in Sur, was completely destroyed in 1978 as a result of distorted urbanization plans. 

Then the fire station was built on it. After concrete was poured into the Anzela pool, the fish in the pool also disappeared as the pool was connected to the city water network.

Anzela pool with its fish was taken in their hands by the DEHAP municipality in 2004. Works were decided and the pool was recovered after 36 years. 

The waters of Anzela, one of the three important water sources of the city until the 1950s, were passing through the Mardinkapi district of Amed in the old times.

The journey of Anzela waters remind of water mills working thanks to those waters, until they end into the Tigris River after giving life to the historic Hevsel gardens. 

In the black-and-white photographs taken of Anzela water back in 1915, you can see women washing clothes at the source.