The last act of the Turkish cultural genocide in Afrin

After the invasion of Afrin, the occupying Turkish army and its mercenary allies have been responsible of all type of horrendous crimes.

Not only did they murder, kidnapp, rape, torture, massacre people but they also plunder and steel people’s goods. Likewise they have been responsible of the implementation of cultural genocide policies.

The Kurdish language was banned from the schools in Afrin, while all names of neighbourhoods and villages were changed into Turkish.

The occupying Turkish state has clearly set off on a policy of destruction of everything which is Kurdish in Afrin.

To this end, it has opened schools and centres in the attempt to turned this policy and practice into something permanent, and detach and assimilate new generations, making them aliens to their culture.

The final shameful act, though, was perhaps that reported by ANHA news agency which happened on 7 October: an ‘orphan and cultural center’ was named after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's mother, Tenzile Erdoğan. 

At the center, the Turkish state aims to educate children who have lost their fathers and mothers with Turkish and Arab teachers. The teaching will be according to the curriculum determined by the Turkish state.

Thus, the Turkish state, which is carrying out assimilation policies in all areas of the city, will continue to raise new agents and host enemies of its people in the center it opened for children who lost their families in the war.

Naming the centre after Erdoğan’s mother is yet another demonstration of the megalomaniac attitude of the Turkish president who sees himself as the new Ottoman sultan and confirms the aim of Erdoğan which is to occupy the Middle East.

The Turkish army and its mercenaries allied have attacked Afrin on 20 January 2018, and eventually occupied the city on 18 March. Hundreds of civilians were massacred by the Turkish army's high-tech weapons.

The occupation and attacks were met with heroic resistance, known as the Resistance of the Age.

After the invasion, more than 300 thousand people were forced to leave Afrin and moved to Shehba where they are continuing their resistance.