The global war in Syria and the importance of Afrin

Column: The global war in Syria and the importance of Afrin for the democratic departure.

In the last seven years of the Syrian civil war, the Kurds, along with other ethnic groups, have successfully fought against various Islamist groups. Whether the ISIS or al-Nusra, the military proxies of states such as Turkey or Saudi Arabia, could not gain a foothold despite their various forms of support from their masters in northern Syria. Now the curtain falls, the supporter states intervene.

A rough outline of the last seven years regarding the actors of the war and their solution options for Syria: Military units of more than 65 states are currently active in Syria. Some with their own troops, such as the USA or Turkey, the others with their secret services or individual military advisers. The US-led anti-ISIS coalition alone comprises 67 states, along with Russia and Iran. Where the Western bloc supported Sunni-Islamist groups, the bloc around Russia supports the Arab-nationalist central state of Assad.

The third block: In northern Syria, people have built a hierarchy-free council democracy based on gender equality, in which all ethnic, religious, denominational or other identities participate in the self-government of society. After the Paris Commune, the beginnings of the October Revolution or the phase of the Spanish Civil War, the people of northern Syria managed to build a direct social democracy with the central role of women in it. The historical opportunity lies before the global community to reshape Syria with regard to the Middle East through the self-empowerment and self-determination of the people. It requires a will to take advantage of this opportunity. This will, however, does not seem to be that of the rulers, but it is up to the people and independent civil society groups and organizations around the world to enforce it.

In summary: Syria is at war and three actors and three possible solutions are ready for the future: An Islamic theocracy, an Arab nationalist central state or a pluralistic and decentralized democracy of the peoples that corresponds to the Middle Eastern mosaic.

The anti-international and racist attack of the Nato Army of Turkey on Afrin and the support of the world of states

Now, for over 50 days, the racist Turkish army, armed with Western weapons and technology, attacks the small canton of Afrin. The reasons of the AKP regime for this attack are due to domestic as well as foreign policy reasons. It does not want to tolerate a council democracy in which the Kurds as a collective live on equal terms, as the oppressor of 20 million Kurds in their own state. Through the Western criminalization of the Kurdish freedom movement, Turkey feels capable of defining and attacking all Kurdish self-determination as "terrorism". Another domestic reason is the nationalist sentiment that will help the AKP win all major elections next year so that it can fully institutionalize its Turkish Islamist fascism.

The aim of the AKP's foreign policy is to annihilate the entire north of Syria, i.e.the local self-government and carry out an ethnic cleansing in order to subsequently establish Turkey-compliant Arab Islamists there in order to both destroy the self-determination of the Kurdish people and destroy their neo-Kurds, secure Ottoman motivated influence in Syria. So here we are dealing with a racist-colonialist policy of Turkey, which also ignores all international agreements, laws and standards. It is openly pursuing the goal of ethnic cleansing, of at least cultural genocide - and the international community supports them! How? Russia opens up the airspace for bombardment from the air, Germany equips it with weapons and pursues the Kurdish movement through repression and criminalization as well as a corresponding media policy, the Federal Government is an ally of the Islamist AKP Turkey. The US and the EU allow Turkey, because apparently Syria has already been divided behind the curtains in the east and west of the Euphrates.

Whether in Geneva, Sochi, Astana or in secret, the powerful states meet and negotiate about the Kurdish people, about the Rojava revolution. For them, the people and their historical achievements are nothing but bargaining power, object of the corrupt politics of interest. It does not occur to them to involve the representatives of the self-government in the discussions.

The mere fact that the Federation of Northern Syria is excluded from all talks and that the attack on Afrin is supported by all, directly or indirectly, proves the sovereignty and independence of the political order there.

The UN ignores the crimes of Turkey and paint their so-called criticism with standard phrases. Instead of introducing existing mechanisms of sanctioning, they tolerate the war of aggression that violates international law and the genocidal goals of Turkey for the cleansing of an entire region. The other so-called NGOs dependent on state resources behave similarly.

To sum it up, the feminist revolution and the grass-roots democratization in northern Syria and Afrin have, in addition to the broad support of people all over the world, only powerful state opponents. These states, which gain their raison d'être by referring to democracy and human rights, are very hostile and hypocritical towards democracy and human rights in northern Syria. In addition, they do this through the toleration and support of anti-democratic forces and actors such as Turkey, al Qaeda and al-Nusra.

It is important to end these unbearable and crisis-prone state, and this is only possible through a broad protest movement denouncing the betrayal of the international community of human and democratic values. It cannot be that in the eyes of the world, a racist Islamist army in Turkey is waging a disproportionate war against a region that has become a ray of hope for Syria. In the media, they portray Turkey's attack as if a symmetrical war was taking place between equally-fledged conflict parties. But the truth is that a small region with a vigilante of a few thousand fighters is attacked by the second largest NATO army with all imaginable weapons from the air and from all sides. It's like watching a horde of hyenas attack a peaceful gazelle armed only with their horns. We must remember that we live neither in the Middle Ages, where the law of the fittest was valid, nor that we are beings without reason and morality.

The survival of the socio-political structure of Afrin, our solidarity for them, our protest against Turkey and the politics of the international community, the success in Afrin will not only secure their existence, but will also seriously damage the moral decline of the interest-led state policy. People and societies are not objects of states and rulers! In Afrin, democracy is currently fighting against nationalist-chauvinist and Islamist state centralism! Let us use democratic protest actions to help Afrin succeed in order to put our future on the right path.