TEV-DEM Co-chair: The key to the solution is in Imrali

TEV-DEM Co-chair Xerib Hiso spoke about Ocalan’s recent message and said Turkey needs a fresh start: “The key to this fresh start is with Leader Apo.”

Rojava Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Co-chair Xerib Hiso spoke to the ANF about the message read by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s lawyers who he met with after 8 years. Hiso said Turkey’s anti-Kurdish policies are at a dead end and Turkey needs a fresh start. Hiso added: “The key to this fresh start is with Leader Apo.”

Xerib Hiso said the meeting with Ocalan happened as a result of the resistance, and added that Ocalan knows the Middle East very well, and the message is significant for them. Xerib Hiso said: “Leader Apo lived here for years, and he knows these lands very well in terms of social and political relations. Leader Apo both knows these lands vey well and has great influence here, because when he was here and after he left, he always worked for peace.”


Xerib Hiso also spoke about Ocalan’s analysis on Northern and Eastern Syria that “the goal should be to resolve the issues in Syria with a perspective of local democracy guaranteed by the Constitution within the framework of Syria’s unity, all the while steering away from the culture of conflict,” and said they are “taking steps towards achieving that”.


Xerib Hiso said; “Leader Apo’s call for Turkey and Northern Kurdistan as well as Syria and Rojava is an effective call. The steps taken here in Northern and Eastern Syria are steps in that framework. War does not serve us, or the regime. Looking at the issue through Leader Apo’s perspective, the foundation of a solution can only be through dialogue, negotiation and talks. This is the way out of the crisis Syria is in. Leader Apo’s message should be understood correctly. We as the TEV-DEM think this message is very important.”


Xerib Hiso also spoke about Ocalan’s comments that “Turkey’s sensibilities should be heeded” and said: “We have never been a threat to anyone. We only defend our rights. Leader Apo said Turkey’s sensibilities should be heeded. That is correct. We take the sensibilities of all our neighbors into account, and that includes Turkey. Leader Apo mentioned his message for Newroz 2013. That is where the focus should be for Turkey, and the country should return to that.”


The TEV-DEM Co-chair said the AKP and MHP have formed an alliance on the foundation of destroying all Kurdish gains and added that this alliance has “dragged Turkey into a deep fracture in the social, economic, political and ideological spheres”, adding that “If it continues like this, it is not a far off possibility that a ‘peoples’ spring’ erupt in Turkey.”


“These policies in Turkey must change and a fresh start must come,” said TEV-DEM Co-chair Xerib Hiso and stressed that the key to the solution in Rojava/Northern and Eastern Syria and in Northern Kurdistan is in Imrali. Xerib Hiso said: “The key to this is in Northern Kurdistan, with Leader Apo. If Turkey wants a fresh start, the demand of hunger strikers must be met and isolation must end first. Breaking this isolation and having Leader Apo work freely will prevent most crises and lead the way for a solution. The key to the solution is in Imrali.”