Saleh Moslem: Guerrilla warfare begins in Afrin

Kurdish politician Saleh Moslem stated that a new phase of resistance is beginning in Afrin: "The population has been evacuated for security reasons. From now on, the YPG and YPJ will lead a guerilla warfare."

Saleh Moslem, former co-chair of the PYD (Democratic Union Party), told ANF about the current situation in Afrin and the state of the population.

Campaign to save the civilian population

Moslem said the fight has reached a new level: "Today, a step was taken in Afrin to defend the civilian population. The fight in Afrin and the war are not over. On the contrary, it goes on. The very nature of the war has changed."

"Fighters of YPG and YPJ continue their struggle in Afrin"

"As long as the population was in the city, the conditions for a fight, a war were not present. The Turkish state attacks the civilian population and carries out massacres. The propaganda of the enemy that no one is in Afrin is a lie. Nobody should pay attention to it. Both in the center and surrounding of Afrin there are YPG/YPJ fighters and they fight. A promise has been made to the people and this promise will be kept. Afrin will never be abandoned.”

"The Turkish state aims at the annihilation of the Kurds"

Moslem pointed to the war in the Middle East and said: "With this war, a decision was made to annihilate the Kurds. They want to take Afrin and then attack the Kurds in Kobanê, Qamishlo, Kirkuk and Shengal. First, this was intended to be done via groups such as IS and al-Nusra. Since this was not successful, they do it themselves now. People in all four parts of Kurdistan should be vigilant and see the plans. Our liberation depends on unity. If we do not create unity, do not realize national unity, we will face similar attacks throughout Kurdistan. Therefore, we must not waste any time, Kurdish organizations must come together and fight with a national attitude against these attacks."

Saleh Moslem also pointed to the role of the international powers in the attacks on Afrin: "The international forces, the states of the world, have left us alone. This silence provided a basis for and supported the attacks of Turkey."

"YPG/YPJ will lead a guerilla war in Afrin"

Commenting on the resistance of Afrin, the Kurdish politician said: "For 58 days our people resisted with great self-sacrifice against soldiers of a NATO army and militias. These forces have carried out their attacks with excessive force, air strikes and massive use of technology. The resistance on the other hand is great and holy, everyone should know that.

The resistance has developed with great determination and it continues today. In Afrin, the YPG and the YPJ will continue their resistance in various ways. From now on, they will put the focus of their struggle on the guerrilla warfare. Hit-and-run methods will bring the resistance to the highest level. For a front war we have neither the technical possibilities nor the armament. We are committed to lead a guerrilla struggle. Our youth, our fighters and our forces are ready for it."

The evacuation of the civilian population from Afrin has made this fight easier, explained Moslem. "The presence of the civilian population has complicated the tasks of our fighters. Our enemy is merciless and cruel. It attacks civilians, bombards hospitals and homes. The aim of the Turkish state was the civilian population from the outset and they are progressing on this basis. The evacuation of the civilian population has facilitated the work of our fighters. That's why the war will continue in another way and the enemy will receive even bigger blows."

Saleh Moslem also appealed to the Kurds in Europe and around the world to ignore the propaganda of the Turkish state and to intensify the struggle for Afrin.