Mustafa Koçak: 89 days on hunger strike demanding justice

Political prisoner Mustafa Koçak has been on hunger strike for 89 days against the unjust life sentence he was given.

Mustafa Koçak was detained in the operation that started with the statements of informer Berk Ercan in 2017. Some 200 people have lived through the same processes.

The trial in which he was judged resembled a theatre, with appearances in alphabetical order.

Mustafa Koçak has been convicted on charges of participating in the hostage taking of the Public Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, following the cover-up on the case of Barkin Elvan, 14-year-old killed by the Turkish police during demonstrations in Gezi Park in the summer of 2013.

The prosecutor was killed on 31 March 2015 under police fire during the raid to free him.

Mustafa Koçak’s mother, Zeynep Koçak, said: “I am ready do to everything for my son. My son is on hunger strike for all political prisoners. My son is innocent.”

Mustafa’s father, Hasan Koçak, said the entire trial was a series of injustices.

Recalling his son is on hunger strike he added they would fight for justice together with him.

Koçak also added: “While he was under custody, my son was tortured. His pregnant sister was threatened by police with rape. We support our son's demands.”

On 28 August, the parents of Mustafa Koçak, carried out a protest action on the iconic Taksim Square in central Istanbul. They were wearing white shrouds and holding in their hands a photo of their son.

Shortly after the protest began, the parents were stopped by the police and taken to the police department in Beyoglu district. There, they testified to the police, saying: "We held this protest for our son, Mustafa Koçak. We want a fair trial. We have no other goals with our action."

After the testimony, Zeynep and Hakan Koçak were released.

Ayşe Koçak, sister of Mustafa, said their life changed completely with the day of the arrest of her brother. 

She confirmed that in the 12 days he was held in custody he was tortured and threatened as police tried to get him to sign confessions.