Middle East Youth Conference ends with final declaration

The Middle East Youth Conference, dedicated to Martyr Bişeng Brûsk, a member of the PKK Youth Committee who fell as a martyr in the attack by the Turkish state on Media Defense Areas, ended with a final declaration.

The Middle East Youth Conference, held in Beirut, with the slogan "Building a youth and a free future", ended with the final declaration given in Kurdish and Arabic languages.

Preparatory Committee Member Zana Mustafa took the right to speak and stated that the conference was dedicated to Martyr Bişeng Brûsk, a member of the PKK Youth Committee, who was martyred as a result of the attack of the fascist, occupying Turkish State in the Media Defense Areas.

After extensive discussions, 90 delegates came together to read the final declaration, which said: "Today, the youth of the Middle East and North Africa are organizing and fighting for a free and fair future. As the youth of the Middle East and North Africa, we are facing the most severe systemic crisis today. Wars and conflicts are spreading in the Middle East every day, nationalism and religious conflict lead to genocide of people, at the same time the door to the unity of people is closed, and the nature and riches of the region are plundered.”

The declaration continued: “In its 500 years of existence, the Capitalist Modernity system has brought nothing to the people and youth of the Middle East other than betrayal, war, conflict, division of societies, oppression and plunder, and today it has deprived the youth of their regional rights and a free future. The consequences of this are seen and felt everywhere: migration and demographic change, the murder of women, violence and the development of paramilitary forces that terrorize the local population in the service of this system, and helplessness in the face of the current crisis.”

The declaration added: “The truth is that neither the current regime and states nor the Kurdish forces who want to impose a new model on the region with their interventions can find a way out of this chaos and crisis. We should not deceive ourselves with foreign allies. The people of the region will develop their own unity, trust in their own power and in this way will be able to produce solutions.

Today, the youth of the Middle East and North Africa are organizing and fighting for a free and fair future. Youth means the search for truth, the search for solutions and pioneering the freedom of their own society.”

The declaration said: “We came together between 8-9 June in a conference organized by the Middle East and North Africa Youth Initiative, in order to shed light on current problems together, to determine the ways and methods of struggle and to produce the necessary solutions. As 95 young people from Beirut, Lebanon, 21 organizations, movements and political parties from 15 countries, we would like to state the following:

  1. The solution to the current crisis can be implemented by building a democratic Middle East outside the capitalist modernity system.
  2. The conference states that all projects imposed on the region from outside, such as the Greater Middle East Project, should be opposed. Capitalist modernity and all its consequences cannot produce a deep solution to current problems, and an intellectual, political and social struggle must be waged against it.
  3. The conference rejects all approaches and views that belittle the Middle East from an orientalist perspective, do not see the power of the solution in themselves, and seek solutions from outside. It sees youth as the most dynamic force of change, based on rebirth.
  4. The conference concluded that although all historical, linguistic, cultural, tradition, national and belief aspects of the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa have differences, their problems are interconnected. For this reason, the unity of power must be urgently built and strengthened so that the youth can be a force for development and solution.
  5. In order to ensure this unity of power and take concrete steps towards the confederalism of the youth of the Middle East and North Africa, our conference has chosen and appointed a coordination consisting of representatives of all organizations.
  6. The conference addresses and sees the enslavement of women and the authority of men over women as the most fundamental and important problem. For this reason, it states that young women are the leading force of democratization in the Middle East.
  7. The conference does not see the nation-state models, which put people and regional beliefs against each other, deny their existence, and are the most fundamental obstacle to a common and democratic life, as a solution, and in this context, we consider the democratic nation model, which defends the right to self-determination of all components of the region, as a solution and struggle method.
  8. The conference rejects comments that describe the legitimate struggle of the people as "terrorism" and believes that every society has the right to defend its legitimacy against all kinds of occupation and oppression.
  9. Our conference is against capitalism and its ideology of liberalism, patriarchy, plundering and destruction of nature, which divides society with a false understanding of 'freedom', encourages individualism, and distracts young people from their patriotic duties, and will fight against all kinds of oppression on the basis of gender, identity, religion, language and nation.
  10. The conference sees the occupation policies of the Turkish state, developed in the service of the interests of the forces of capitalist modernity, from Libya to the Caucasus, from Yemen to Kurdistan, as the common enemy of all peoples. It supports the common struggle of the Kurdish people and the people of the region in the Middle East and North Africa.
  11. The conference condemns the Israeli occupation and the massacre of the Palestinian people, sees the Palestinian people's struggle for freedom as legitimate, and rejects any project that puts the Jewish people against the Palestinian people."