MİT chief in Germany promoted to be ambassador

A chief of Turkish intelligence in Germany, Frankfurt Consul General Ilhan Saygili, who had close ties with Turkish-German Chief Inspector removed from duty for working for MİT Döndü Yazgan, was appointed as an ambassador in Switzerland.

According to a report the German intelligence prepared on the Turkish-German Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan, who was recently removed from duty for working for the Turkish intelligence service MİT, Yazgan met with Frankfurt and Mainz consuls general. German intelligence had documented that Yazgan shared intelligence information with Turkey via these consuls.

Ilhan Saygılı served as the Frankfurt Consul General between 2008 and 2012 and is known to have worked closely with Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan who was working as the harmony officer in the Wiesbaden Police.

Saygılı had a close relationship with MİT mole Yazgan and stood out in the beginning as one of the chiefs of Turkish intelligence in southern Germany. On November 14, 2016 Saygili was promoted to be the Bern Ambassador in Switzerland.

During his time as the Frankfurt Consul General, Saygili had close ties with the UETD (Union of European Turkish Democrats) Germany branches along with Döndü Yazgan. He has had close ties with UETD Switzerland since the day he was appointed as the Bern Ambassador.


Since Saygili was appointed to the Turkish Embassy in Bern, the embassy has transformed into MİT headquarters. In March, one of Switzerland’s largest German language newspapers Tages Anzeiger published an article citing annual reports by the Switzerland Federal Government and announced that the Turkish Embassy in Bern has been turned into MİT’s headquarters to recruit agents.

The newspaper wrote that especially after the July 15 coup attempt the Embassy has been turned into a veritable center for agent recruitment and stressed that Turkish immigrants are being forced to carry out espionage activity in the embassy.


Ambassador Saygili has had close ties with AKP’s organization UETD’s Switzerland branch and pushes AKP policy as he attends many UETD meetings on the side. The Ambassador has close ties with the UETD Switzerland Branch Chairperson Murat Şahin, who has attacked journalist Can Dündar in Zurich, has been involved with many incidents in Switzerland and openly works as an agent for the Turkish state.


When Ilhan Saygili was serving in Frankfurt, his closest personnel was Döndü Yazgan, his mole in Wiesbaden. Saygili took Yazgan to every event he was invited to. This detail was not lost on the German intelligence, and they had documented the close relationship between the two Turks. Saygili had met Yazgan for dinner in Bad Homburg on August 18, 2012.

On September 8, 2012, Saygili had visited Turkish-German business owners in Hessen to say goodbye before he handed over his post in Frankfurt. Yazgan had accompanied him for the whole day. Another person in Saygili’s entourage that day was UETD Frankfurt official Abdül Akpınar.