Living in the Feraşîn Plateau under embargo

Feraşîn Plateau has been turned into a military base. Electricity is not provided to dozens of villages and hundreds of households. The villagers are trying to resist the state's embargo.

Feraşîn Plateau has been turned into a military base. Supplies and food are not allowed in and most villages have been evacuated. Entrance and exit to the place are under control.

Feraşîn Plateau stands at 2, 625m on the borders between Şırnak, Van and Hakkari and is connected to Beytüşşebap. It is a region rich in natural beauty, vegetation and biodiversity. It is a plateau important for those who work in beekeeping and those who have sheep and goats.

Most villages here were evacuated in the 1990s; thousands of people were forced to migrate. Now, the entrance and exit to the area is under surveillance. Feraşîn Plateau is being subjected to an embargo imposed by the AKP and MHP government; even food and other supplies are limited. The soldiers are holding the road to the plateau and allow citizens to pass through the plateau after strict controls. Since the appointment of the trustee, the roads of Feraşîn Plateau have not been opened. The people, on the other hand, open way though with the construction machines and shovels they rent.

One of the biggest problems in the Feraşîn Plateau is electricity. Diyarbakır Electricity Management Directorate does not supply electricity to hundreds of households and dozens of villages in the area. Plateau residents said: “There is no electricity in the villages of Yeşilöz, Doğanyol, Akarsu and Sutepe. We submitted our petitions on the subject to the relevant institutions. We have homes, we have residences and they have to give us electricity. Provide electrical service, cut bills.”