Kobanê was the name of resistance, today it is Afrin

Kobanê Canton Defense Minister İsmet Şêx Hesen, “Afrin people mobilized alongside whole Kurdistan during Kobanê battle. Today, people of Kobanê and all Kurdistan will mobilize against the invasion attacks on Afrin”.

The Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin left 9 days behind. These days, when resistance is enhanced against the attacks in Afrin, is the anniversary of the defeat of Turkish-backed ISIS gangs in Kobanê. People of Kobanê say; “The day is the day to defend Kurdistan. Afrin mobilized for us yesterday, and it is our turn today.”

Kobanê Canton Defense Minister İsmet Şêx Hesen spoke to ANF on the third anniversary of Kobanê victory.


Kobanê Canton Defense Minister İsmet Şex Hesen stated that defending Afrin also meant defending Kobanê resistance, saying; “Today is a historic day. It is the day of victory in Kobanê Resistance and this is a happy day for not only Rojava but also for four parts of Kurdistan. As a result of the historic resistance that began with ISIS attack on Serzori in September 2014, the gangs were defeated on in January 2015, which was also a defeat of Erdogan that supported them.

Erdogan planned Kobanê’s fall when he attacked together with ISIS but his plan didn’t work. The battle ended up with success thanks to the common spirit and resistance of the Kurds. A similar spirit of historic resistance is enlivened in Afrin today. With the resisting spirit of Kobanê, people are resisting against warplanes, tanks and artilleries.”


Stressing that nobody can crush the will of Afrin’s people, Hesen said the following; “We held our head high with resistance in our history and this will be the same in the future. The spirit of Kobanê did not fall. Arin, Revan, Gelhat, Kendal and thousands of martyrs have carried resistance to victory. The same spirit is alive in Afrin Canton today and it will not fall either thanks to resistance and sacrifice of martyrs.”

Addressing to Turkish invasion forces, Hesen said; “Erdoğan and his gangs should not have any hopes in vain, they will not accomplish their goal. Kurds will achieve their goal and we will present the victory we will gain in Afrin to Leader Apo (Abdullah Ocalan).”


Hesen emphasised that the Turkish state has shown its genocidal face once again by massacring civilians and criticised the international silence on this matter. He continued; “Going mad in the face of the resistance of the Kurds, the Turkish state is targeting civilians. They are attacking the Kurds with their jets, tanks, artilleries and gangs but their efforts are all in vain. They will face a determined resistance and turn back.

The Turkish army, which boasts about being the fourth biggest army in NATO, cannot advance one step even despite using all its capacity for over one week now. They have technical superiority but we have faith and will, which makes us superior to them. There is the reality of a people fighting with their heart.”


Hesen pointed out that Arin Mirkan, symbol of Kobanê resistance, was from Afrin, while Neval, the first YPJ fighter to fall in Afrin resistance was from Kobanê.

“People of Afrin mobilized during the Kobanê battle. Today, people of Kobanê and also all Kurdistan will mobilize against the invasion attacks targeting Afrin. Participation of whole Kurdistan led Kobanê to victory and the same will happen in Afrin. Martyr Arin blazed the spirit of resistance in Kobanê, and Neval has been the carrier of this spirit of resistance in Afrin.”

Lastly, Kobanê Canton Defense Minister İsmet Şex Hesen underlined that; “Erdoğan is indiscriminately massacring civilians. The world states shouldn’t stand with this war criminal. Kurds are giving a legitimate battle for years and they are the ones to be stood with. Everyone should join the Afrin resistance and take sides with the YPG and YPJ.”