“Kermanshah has never surrendered”

Referring to Iran's pressure on the people of Rojhilat, guerrilla Dilawer Caf said, "Places like Kermanshah and Pawe are known for their heroism and courage. They will never surrender to the enemy."

Guerrilla Dilawer Caf, originally from the Caf tribe, was born in the city of Pawa in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan). Guerrilla Dilawer, who joined the ranks of the struggle against the practices of the Iranian colonial system against the Kurdish people, explained his participation in the struggle with the following words: "The practices of the Iranian colonial system against the Kurdish society and the policies carried out in Pawa and Kermanshah regions have led to contradictions in my mind. Of course, the young people are the most affected.”

Guerilla Caf had the following to say on Iran's attacks on the youth: "Those young people are the dynamic power of the society. These young people can change the future of their people. The state makes the young people obey them using drug methods. It suppresses the young people who may lead the society. They try every way to keep them from resisting colonialism and to make sure that they remain in a state of embarrassment. While doing this, it makes young people accustomed to many bad habits by doing this slowly, that is, insidiously.

How can we, as Kurds, have no right ever to say we are 'Kurdish'? How can it ever be that we do not have the right to speak and learn our own language in schools? What is the purpose of the state in this matter? We must question the reasons why so many Kurds have been moved from their culture. Why, as young people, our minds are filled with the colonial mentality of the state? Why should we live with a Persian identity? As Kurds, we have a very old history, identity and culture. We are forced to be Persians. Hundreds of young people embarking on a quest for their Kurdishness have been executed so far. We must ask the reason why these young people were executed, and call those responsible to account.”


Guerrilla Dilawer, who pointed to the impact of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s life on him, ended his remarks with the following: "When I joined the movement, I encountered a new life. It was a life full of spirituality that I had never seen or heard before. What I was looking for was my soul. Hundreds of revolutionaries live in this life established with the philosophy of the Leader. A life full of morality and conscience. There is no place for repetition in mountain life. Of course, this comes from the richness of the Leader's philosophy. Life is based on communalism and morality.

Young people should develop a sensitivity for the values that are meant to be destroyed. Young people must stand up to stop the massacre in Kurdistan. Thousands have been turned into contras in Eastern Kurdistan. They are fighting against their own country. The patriotic youth must give the necessary answer to these contras. Every place in this country is soaked with the blood of the martyrs. That is why everyone must stand up against the fascist policy of the enemy and join the movement. If we don't stand up for Leader Apo, our language, our culture, our history and our values, we will be doomed to disappear."