KCK: The October 6-8 uprising brought the end of ISIS in Kobanê

KCK Executive Council Co-presidency has commemorated the Kobanê martyrs of the October 6-8 uprising. KCK stated that this uprising brought ISIS to the point of defeat in Kobanê.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency issued a written statement on the anniversary of the uprising (uprising in Kurdish) launched in several provinces of Northern Kurdistan and Turkey on October 6-8 to support the Kobanê resistance.

The KCK Statement said, “It is the 4th anniversary of the October 6-8, 2014 uprisings to support the Kobanê resistance. We remember those who fell martyr in these uprisings with respect and gratitude. Their will to resist will be the promise for victory in all parts of Kurdistan for a free and democratic life. We will crown their longings with the free and democratic Kurdistan.

The statement stressed that the October 6-8 uprisings to support the Kobanê resistance have helped defeat ISIS in Kobanê and became the determining morale and force to carry the resistance into victory.


The statement continued: “These uprisings have brought the end of ISIS in Kobanê. The October 6-8 uprisings have shown how the people of Kurdistan in all four parts share a common sentiment. These uprisings have shown all that the Kurds have become a democratic nation fighting for their freedom.


On October 6-8, all the people of Northern Kurdistan, the young, the old, the men, the women, the children, gathered in the squares and shouted out loud that those who resisted in Kobanê were not alone. They voiced their fury against the AKP government supporting ISIS. They responded strongly to Erdogan saying Kobanê had almost fallen. Tayyip Erdogan had sought to push back the Kurds’ struggle for freedom with ISIS taking over Kobanê. But Kobanê resisted and the peoples supporting this resistance foiled Erdogan’s plans.

When the goal to smother the Rojava Revolution and disband the Kurds’ struggle for freedom, Tayyip Erdogan started to attack the struggle for freedom in Northern Kurdistan to push back the Kurdish freedom struggle. A decision was made in the National Security Council meeting held after the October 6-8 serhildans to engage in total war against the Kurdish Freedom Movement. The government did what all governments did when they had no policies for the resolution of the Kurdish issue. They rejected the Dolmabahce Accord and the June 7 election results due to this decision to make war, and they escalated the conflict. In this sense, the October 6-8 uprisings have taken their place in history as protests that dropped the veil from over the AKP government.

Tayyip Erdogan has clearly displayed his pro-ISIS fascist character when he attacked the October 6-8 uprisings. Dozens of Kurdish patriots were killed. Our people won’t forget the murder of dozens of patriots, this will be held to account.


The youth took control of various cities, towns and roads in Kurdistan in the October 6-8 uprisings and put forth the Kurdish people’s will for a free and democratic life, showing that they won’t bow to pressure. The genocidal Turkish state has attacked the Kurds’ will for a free life throughout history, and they repeated this attitude following the October 6-8 uprisings. To this day, for the last 4 years, they have continued these attacks. The AKP government’s attacks, pressure and practices in these 4 years have shown that Kurdistan can’t be freed and Turkey can’t be democratized without fighting to push back this genocidal fascist mindset in Turkey. In this sense, the Kurdish people and youth need to join the struggle with the spirit of the October 6-8 uprisings in support for the Kobanê resistance. Like we foiled AKP’s plans to suppress the Freedom Movement through ISIS in the October 6-8 2014 uprisings, the same spirit will defeat the AKP government’s current genocidal policies.


The AKP government virtually begged Leader Apo and the Freedom Movement to stop the uprisings. Under ceasefire conditions, when the protests to support the Kobanê resistance achieved their goal, the uprisings were ended. Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP government saw that their hold on power was weakened when faced with the Kurdish people’s and the youth’s resistance. They begged Leader Apo and the Freedom Movement before, and it won’t be long until they are in the same situation again. Insisting on genocidal policies, the AKP government may continue their attacks with support from this or that state, or NATO, but can’t save itself from ultimate defeat in the face of the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle. Attacks against Saturday Mothers and workers stem from this fear. This is a fascist government that couldn’t remain standing when faced with a fight. Our people and the forces of democracy will fight and send the AKP-MHP government away from the peoples of Turkey.

On the anniversary of the October 6-8 uprisings, we will keep this spirit of resistance alive in our struggle and crown our resistance in Kurdistan and Turkey with victory, creating the Free Kurdistan and Democratic Turkey.”