Karayılan: PKK will develop a more effective fight in 2018

Kurdistan freedom struggle will develop a more effective fight against AKP and MHP’s fascist wave in 2018, PKK’s Murat Karayılan says.

A member of Executive Council of the PKK, Murat Karayılan told about possible developments in the upcoming year and how they will develop a more effective fight against the fascist regime in Turkey.

In an interview with ANF Turkish Service, Karayılan said that they will seek to build alliances with leftist and democratic powers and the year 2018 will be a year with great revolutionary potential.

“Our guerrillas’ system is strong. Although some areas suffered some losses they have the capacity to replace them. Therefore, we can say that 2018 will be more far-reaching and bigger” Karayılan stressed.

“Once again the developments in Kurdistan and the region proved our Leader Apo’s paradigm’s accuracy. By benefiting from this paradigm Kurds and Arabs can establish right policies. The paradigm of democratic modernity is the guide for all, not only for the PKK. It’s obvious how the revolution in Rojava predicates itself upon the democratic nation perspective of leader Apo and formed a collective with Arab, Assyrian and Syriac people. This is the line that shows the path to the Middle Eastern Revolution” Karayılan added.

Speaking about the recent developments in Southern Kurdistan, Karayılan said this example proved that the nation-state approach will only result in tension, conflict and division. “So it’s now clear that our leader Apo’s line, which grounds itself on the brotherhood of peoples, develops voluntary togetherness and defends women’s freedom, will prevail. No matter if Turkish state imposes isolation or puts pressure (on Abdullah Ocalan) it can’t hide the truth” he said.

About the possible developments in 2018 Karayılan said the following: “On some levels we have more advantages in 2018 then we had in 2017. It presents advantages for us. Because the truth of our line is proved. The attacks of the enemy were foiled. Now it’s revolutionary power’s turn to act. We can say that the road ahead is open for us. Maybe 2018 will be harder but we know that a revolutionary potential is there. In terms of that a year which the revolutionary powers will get more concrete results is ahead”.