Final text of the 'National Stance Against Turkish State Occupation' conference

The "National Stance" document urged the need for unity which emerged at the working conference on National Stance Against the Occupation of the Turkish State promoted by the KNK.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) published the final document of the online working conference it held on Saturday to establish a common stance on the Turkish state's occupation attacks. The meeting was attended by representatives of parties and organizations from all four parts of Kurdistan, as well as intellectuals, artists and journalists. In total, more than 200 people from Hewlêr, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Kobanê, Qamishlo and other Kurdish cities, as well as from Europe, the US and Russia, took part in the online conference. The discussion emphasized the urgent need to take a common Kurdish stance against Turkish expansionism.

The text reads as follows:

"Upon the request of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), we the representatives of the political parties, organisations, Kurdistanian civil movements, representatives of the entities from various classes and religious groups, sects and independent Kurdish personalities such as writers, artist, intellectuals, academics, observers, politicians of different communities from Kurdistan, jointly stand against the Turkish attacks and invasions. In order to fully support the People’s Protection Forces, we organised a comprehensive conference on ZOOM. As a result, the participants of the Conference agreed upon the points below to inform our fellow Kurds and the public in large at international level.

The state of Turkey has, on the 24th of April 2021, launched a new extensive and wide military campaign in the south of Kurdistan, specifically in the regions of Matina, Zap and Avashin. The situation created by the current attacks is more dangerous than before, as the Turkish state is trying to build its own bases in strategically important places in Kurdistan. With the attacks, it also wants to destroy the bridges between the different parts of Kurdistan and create conflicts between the Kurds at the same time. It has been working for years to create a fratricidal war between the Kurds. Currently, heavy fighting is ongoing between the Kurdish Guerrilla forces and the military forces of Turkey. The Guerrillas, bravely and courageously, are defending the Kurdish land. However, the resistance of the guerrillas in the mountains alone is not enough to prevent the occupation. Therefore, the Kurdish people and the peace loving people of the world must take a stance to this reality and show appropriate reaction to Turkish policies. These attacks are not only against the People’s Protection Forces but the Kurdish people and their ancestral land, specifically in the South of Kurdistan.

The 24th of April is the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. The beginning of this military campaign is not a coincidence! It is a clear message and it is a genocidal message! The aim and objective of Turkey is explicit. The state of Turkey does not want the constituting communities of Kurdistan (the Assyrian, the Syriacs, the Chaldeans and other groups) to be free on their own land, but rather be enslaved and imprisoned in their own home. The state of Turkey sees its own existence on the expenses of the elimination of other ethnic groups. Ultimately, its goal is to end the Kurds’ struggle and subject them to a Turkish hegemony. Strong resistance to the occupation must be generated as Turkey is attacking the Kurds with all their might to destroy the dignity and achievements of the Kurds.

The state of Turkey is against the existence of the Kurds and Kurdistan, without hiding its intention. This can be seen from its practice of cultural erosion, applying the policy of discrimination and elimination of the Kurds in and outside of Turkey through military forces, diplomacy, financial control and media. The recent developments show that Turkey destroys the environment of the places it invades and changes its demography. A prominent example is when Turkey, in 2017, supported Iraq’s military attacks on Kirkuk, Khanaqeen, Duz-Khurmatoo and Shengal. Also, during the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)’s attack, especially against Kobane, the state of Turkey played a crucial role in, implicitly and explicitly, assisting ISIS.

The state of Turkey is against the establishment of the cantons in Western Kurdistan (Rojava), the self-administration of the north and northeast of Syria. From the beginning in 2012 to date, Turkey has taken an offensive position against the evolving Kurdish entities. For example, in South Kurdistan, it has also established multiple military camps and intelligence offices. These institutions are used against our inherited rights and freedoms under the rules and principles of international law.

The recent extensive offensive attacks by Turkey in the areas of Matina, Zap and Avashin in South Kurdistan extend beyond hundreds of kilometres and cover large swathes of land. So far, the international community and the Kurdish people at large have been silent. There is an urgent need to break this silence against this invasion. The Kurds need to take a loud and determined stance against occupation. We all have to take responsibility of the violations on international law conducted by Turkey. It is upon all of us to see the Guerrilla’s fight against this invasion as a right of self-defence, thus, should be supported. The Kurdish people and our friends from the international community should support this regions right of self-defence. To halt such attacks we must stand united. The resistance in Gara is such an example. We, the Kurdish people, are under immense threat of elimination through multiple discriminatory channels including but not limited to military invasions, cultural erosion and depriving the Kurds to exercise their political and economic rights. The Turkish state’s ultimate goal is to occupy the land and return to the borders of the National Pack (Misak-ı Millî). Turkey sees Kurdistan as their property and will go to any length to occupy it. Kurdistan is not only under occupation through the building of military bases in mountains, it is also working to put Kurdistan under occupation culturally and geographically.

Below are the key points from the Conference:

  1. The attack on South Kurdistan on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide signifies the message for another genocide against the Kurds. We the participants of the conference see the violent behaviour of the state of Turkey as a threat and we stand together, with all our ability, and stand side by side the Protection Units.
  2. The lack of an agreement between the Kurdistanians affects the defence line to protect the gains earned by those who sacrificed their life for freedom, jeopardise our efforts and pave the way for further invasions. We have seen this during the invasion of Kirkuk, Khanaqeen, Makhmour and Shengal regions. It is with no doubt, the internal agreement between the Kurds will, on hand, defeat invaders and, on the other hand, substantially increase such gains. We saw this example in the protection and successes in Kobane. In this situation, the Conference calls upon the Kurdish parties and organizations to put aside their different views and disagreements and come together as Kurds on the basis of common interests. We call upon every individual to support us.
  3. We must, in Kurdistan and in diaspora, strongly support the Protection Units. With the same passion of protecting Kobane, we should stand against the Turkey’s invasion in the South of Kurdistan. To achieve this, we, as a united nation, must, within and outside of our country, engage in strong diplomatic activities.
  4. The Conference calls upon the Kurdish people to stand against the Turkish attacks and invasions, defending their nation and their homeland. Our people should adopt every civil and suitable mode to continue striving for the rights of the Kurdish people through reasonable practical activities.
  5. The Conference calls upon the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the KRG Parliament and the KRG officials to stand against the invasion and evict the forces deployed by Turkey in the Kurdistanian land in Iraq.
  6. The Conference calls upon the Federal Government of Iraq to withdraw from the agreement that was signed between the fallen Ba’athist regime of Iraq and Turkey. Also to raise the level of their concern about the presence of Turkey’s army in the South of Kurdistan, restricting the Iraqi air space to the Turkish Air Forces and practically work for evicting the forces belonging to Turkey in Iraq. The Conference also calls upon the
  7. The Conference calls upon the member states of the Arab League to stand against Turkey’s invasion and incursions of the South of Kurdistan and strongly condemn such behaviour.
  8. The Conference calls upon the United Nations, the European Union and the relevant parties to break their silence and take a stance regarding Turkey’s attack on the Kurdish people.
  9. The Conference calls upon the friends of the Kurdish people across the world, especially those who believe in democracy and just system. We appreciate that you show an impartial and reasonable stance against the invasions carried out by Turkey and its proxies in Kobane and Afrin. We hope that you show the same support in this matter, the Kurdish people need your help.
  10. We ask our Kurdistanian people and our friends to stop financial trades with Turkey and boycott Turkish products and tourism in Turkey.
  11. Aiming at preventing further violations and defending the Kurdish rights, the Conference participants have requested to implement the reached conclusion points through preparing a ‘Crisis Room’ at high level. Also establishing various committees in different parts of the world under the umbrella of the ‘Crisis Room’.
  12. We, the participants of this conference, take a stance against the ongoing invasions carried out by Turkey. We declare: we take the responsibility for protecting and supporting the self defence of the Protection Forces who courageously resist the attacks launched by Turkey in the areas of Matina, Zap and Avashin. Therefore, we request support from our Kurdish people, our friends and those who believe in freedom and democracy to help us and save us from such unjustified attacks."