FARC former guerrillas open political school

The former FARC guerrillas are setting up economic and cultural projects to build the new Colombia

Former Colombian FARC guerrillas are organising and promoting different activities aimed at helping them to reincorporate into society, after the signature of the Final Peace Agreement with the government in 2016.

Education has always been one of the pillars for FARC former guerrillas, as it is with education, they said, that “we can contribute best to the new Colombia we want to build”.

Indeed, for many guerrillas the long years in the jungle were also a school. Many worked on skills they had perhaps just begun to develop before joining the guerrilla. So for example, there are a lot of doctors and dentists in the guerrilla who have actually become extremely skilled by self-teaching and self-studying these disciplines.  

After the signature of the Final Peace Agreements, former guerrillas are mostly living in the so called ETCR, Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation. 

Here a lot of activities and projects, both economic and cultural, are being implemented. 

The last born is the School of Ideological Political Formation “Camarada Zeplin”, set up in the ETCR Aldemar Galán, in the region of Cauca. 

“The aim of this school - explained the former guerrillas in the Zone - is to form comrades politically and ideologically as well as in terms of organisation in the South West of the country, so to enable them to strengthen our political work in the new scenario opened by the Final Peace Agreement”. 

At the same time, former guerrillas, acknowledged to be in “the middle of a transition process which demands clarity to implement the strategic objectives we are pursuing as fighters for a new Colombia”.