Evidence of AKP's efforts to hide the war in Kurdistan

We as ANF reporters and guerrillas also record the extent of the war waged by the Turkish state in Kurdistan, which is actually hidden from the public through never-ending efforts.

The AKP government and media continue to deceive the public opinion by reporting the war in Kurdistan as “we are carrying out major operations, we are entering their lair and ending them”.

Since the winter, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has been waging a psychological war as he has continuously uttered discourses like “We will end the PKK by April”. As we are in mid June now, the PKK has not ended but on the contrary carried the battle to the most advanced stage by mounting great resistance against the operations conducted since winter. Intense clashes are taking place, almost every day, in all Northern Kurdistan provinces, borderlines and the Zagros territory.

Despite the fact that the Turkish army hides the true extent of the war in order not to get the already demoralized security forces down, we as reporters on on the ground and guerrillas continue to expose all the aspects of war with our cameras.

As guerrillas continue to convey all the developments through Gerîla TV, we as ANF reporters are also keeping up with the intense war closely.



I accompanied a group of guerrillas to follow the war at Şırnak-Çukurca borderline. In a very short while, I witnessed four extensive actions of guerrillas, the hidden details of which are as follows:

On May 15th, guerrillas hit the Şehidan Hill base point under control of the Elemun outpost in the border region of Uludere, Şırnak. One major, one lieutenant and three specialist sergeants were killed in the action. The Turkish media reported this action with “two dead soldiers”, which referred only to two high ranking officers and hid the others in line with the related agreement they had signed before.

We were at Çukurca border this time, on May 23rd. An action of guerrillas in Çepere Şexa area of Çığlı, i.e. Aşute region, had left dozens of soldiers dead last year.

The video footage recorded by martyred press member Arhat of the Cobra helicopter downed by guerrillas had disappointed the Turkish government and army, and marked the action as a succesful and historic one in history. We were also there in the same period of time.

Guerrillas are conducting another action with heavy weaponry this time. We both witnessed this action and recorded the guerrillas' domination over the field.

What we clearly witnessed and recorded is the fact that the guerrillas did not end as opposed to the claims but Turkish soldiers were desperately going down to every bullet fired by guerrillas.


One day later, on May 24th, we were at the same spot. Guerrillas hit a panzer with heavy weaponry, leaving the panzer dead and three soldiers in it dead.

A few days later, 4 soldiers were killed in another action of guerrillas that targeted the Zawite Base point on Çukurca border.

As I said, I witnessed these four effective actions during the short while I stayed there.



As one would see from the footage, Kurdistan guerrillas are not about to end but they on the contrary disrupt the psychology of the Turkish army and government with their succesful actions and splendid resistance.

Shocked and bewildered in the face of the actions of guerrillas, Turkish soldiers can do nothing other than rushing around and making sure to hurl themselves into safe positions as soon as possible.

In addition, the battle tactics of guerrillas are frustrating the AKP state on daily basis as every guerrilla unit record the actions they carry out and clashes they engage in with small hand cameras they carry with them, which are later shared with the public through Gerîla TV.