“Erdoğan attacks Afrin with remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra”

YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud pointed out that Erdoğan is attacking Afrin with the remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra and said: “Like we resisted and prevailed in Serekaniye and Kobane, we will resist and prevail in Afrin.”

YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud stated that the SDF has developed the Resistance of the Age against attacks by the Turkish army and their gangs and said, “A breathless resistance is developed against the invasion.”

Mehmud also pointed out the propaganda the invading army and their gangs are making regarding the Qestel Cindo Hill: “Our forces retaliate their attacks to the end. Them taking control of a couple of hundred meters does not equal to a large advance. So it doesn’t mean that they have achieved success.”

Nuri Mehmud stated that the fighters are displaying a breathless resistance against attacks in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin and continued: “We must understand the significance of Afrin well. Today there is a historic resistance against the Turkish state in Afrin. Our forces retaliate the Turkish army and their gangs and fight them both. What is important here is that we know what Afrin means. The whole world should know. Afrin is forming a democratic system and offering the whole of the Middle East a democratic solution. That is why them taking control of a few points or advancing a few hundred meters should not be exaggerated.” Mehmud added that the world remains silent in the face of the Turkish state attacks, even when it means trampling their own laws.


Mehmud said the following on Erdoğan’s relationship to the gangs: “Erdoğan is implementing ISIS’ project personally. Turkey, under Erdoğan’s command, has been doing this since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. The Ikhwan movement (Muslim Brotherhood) wanted to implement the same project under the guise of religion. They had plans for all the Middle East. But everybody saw what they were hiding underneath the moderate Islam veil. They are fascists, they only believe in one color, and they don’t accept free life or society.”

Mehmud said ISIS is trying to make their presence permanent through settling in various countries: “ISIS has settled in various countries in the Middle East and they tried to keep their presence. And they carried out terrorist attacks in the US and Europe. They wanted to take over the whole of the Middle East. Today Erdoğan is attacking Afrin with the remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra. The Turkish army is a part of NATO. They want the democratic project that will bring solutions in the political, service, economy and education areas and uphold culture and ideas to fail.”


Nuri Mehmud said the following on the international silence: “The world, the UN are still silent about the attacks against Afrin. The Turkish state is using NATO weapons. Now there are Al-Nusra and ISIS gangs within the Turkish army. But we see that the international public doesn’t speak up against these attacks or show any reaction. They have enabled Erdoğan in attacking a peaceful society that fights against terror for the whole world. Will this society be protected? What will the international public do in the face of Afrin? Erdoğan is now dragging the whole world into a great catastrophe.”


YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud said their forces will resist and prevail in Afrin like they resisted and prevailed in Serekaniye and Kobane, and concluded with: “We will resist and we will prevail in Afrin as well. Now they are implementing the same attack plan on Afrin. But we say they cannot win. Russia wants to look like a fundamental force in Syria, but Russia should know that the price for their policies in Syria and the Middle East will be something else.”