Doğu: Animosity against Kurds will make the Turkish state lose

KJK Coordination Member Çiğdem Doğu stated that the Turkish nation state that rose over animosity against Kurds will certainly lose in the 21st century due to the enmity.

KJK (Komalên Jinên Kurdistan, Kurdistan Women's Communities) Coordination Member Çiğdem Doğu said the Turkish state that goes so far in their animosity against Kurds as to attempt to invade Afrin and the Erdoğan-Bahçeli alliance in power there will lose greatly, and called on the people of Kurdistan and all the oppressed in Turkey to rise up.

KJK Coordination Member Çiğdem Doğu spoke to the ANF about the Turkish state's invasion operation against Afrin and Northern Syria.


KJK Coordination Member Çiğdem Doğu stated that the invasion attempt against Afrin stems from the animosity against Kurds that continues to constitute the raison d’être of the Turkish state and said: “The Turkish state has shown animosity against Kurds throughout the 20th century. This animosity might have achieved a nation state for them, but it won’t be the same in the 21st century. In this century, those who are enemies to Kurds will certainly lose. And at the top of that list is the Turkish state, and the Erdoğan-Bahçeli alliance that rules over it, who will be losing greatly.”

Çiğdem Doğu pointed out that Afrin is not just any region and that it’s not just limited to itself: “Today Afrin is the Rojava Revolution. It’s Southern Kurdistan, it’s Sulaymaniyah and Hewlêr. It’s Eastern Kurdistan, it’s Urmia and Mahabad. Afrin is Northern Kurdistan, it’s Amed, Van and Batman. Afrin today is Turkey, it’s Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. Afrin is there wherever any Kurds are present. It is our people in Russia and Europe. It is their will.”


Çiğdem Doğu said the people should not heed the Turkish state’s boasts and propaganda bombardments and that the people of Afrin, thus the Kurds, and thus the revolutionaries in Turkey will prevail. Doğu stressed that this war is bound to be the Vietnam of the Turkish state and that it will bring the end of the Erdoğan rule: “He has ordered his own death. It will be the will of the peoples who will fight and who will prevail, not his advanced technology.”


Çiğdem Doğu said the Kobanê resistance with a great coming together has created important developments in the Middle East and the world, and added that the war in Afrin will bring about a greater coming together and unity. “We believe in ourselves in this matter. As the Women’s Freedom Movement, we stand with this struggle, we are together,” said Doğu and stressed that they believe everybody will treat this issue with responsibility, awareness and conscience.


“The gains in Afrin will certainly become the gains of Turkey’s revolution as well,” said Çiğdem Doğu and added: “Everybody should do whatever they can, all should take action. We must wage our joint struggle for the revolution and take down this fascism. We must smother the AKP-MHP alliance in Afrin.”


Doğu called on all revolutionary and democratic public and the patriotic people of Kurdistan, and to women and the youth in particular, and continued: “Everywhere in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan and Turkey people should rise up, take action and respond to this fascism. It doesn’t make sense to not take action because there is no permission. The struggle for revolution, the youth’s struggle has never been with permissions. This struggle is legitimate, it’s not something to happen through the permission or approval of fascism. All our youth should occupy the streets and increase their demonstrations in the streets. Young women in particular should respond to this fascism as necessary. Women should increase the struggle further.”


KJK Coordination Member Çiğdem Doğu also called on the oppressed in Turkey: “Turkey’s workers, laborers, peasants, the poor, the oppressed and the unemployed, this war is not in the interest of you the oppressed in any sense. You must rise up and increase the struggle to end the war. We believe that revolutionaries and democrats will act in the necessary awareness and responsibility. Revolutionary forces are already present in Afrin. They will continue their struggle and wage their war here with great will as well. Just like in Kobanê, we will join our struggle together with the vanguard line put forth by Arîn, Gelhat, Paramaz and Sarya and certainly prevail in Afrin too.”