Commanders in the Raqqa operation: We will triumph

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room Commanders: We will triumph in the third phase just like we did in the previous ones. We now aim to cut off all the roads leading to Raqqa.

Commanders partaking in the third phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, which was launched yesterday morning, spoke to ANF.

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room Spokesperson Cihan Ehmed recalled that they liberated hundreds of villages and hamlets in the 1st and 2nd phases of the operation to liberate Raqqa, and continued: “We gained control over a number of strategic locations such as Jaber Castle, Mahmudıye and Suwediye, in addition to hundreds of villages in western Raqqa. We rescued thousands of people from ISIS and these turned back home after we cleared the mines in the areas we liberated. A large number of young women and men from the villages we liberated have joined the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). We have trained them and they will be joining the third phase of the operation now.”


Manbij Military Council Member Şervan Derwêş told the followings regarding the third phase of the operation to liberate Raqqa: "The main objective of this stage is to encircle Raqqa. The phases of this military campaign are not separate but joint stages, they are complemental. Many military factions are partaking in this offensive. In addition, thousands of Arab youths -mainly from the liberated areas- have joined the SDF ranks. These have just completed their training and will join the third stage. Our goals also involve to form a stronger force out of the people from the liberated territories. There is a remarkable participation of locals in the ranks of the struggle. The folks currently under ISIS atrocity have great hopes from us, they are calling on us to liberate them from the cruelty of ISIS. This force was indeed formed upon the call of the peoples and Arab tribes in the region. We have been fighting ISIS for years and we have great experience. Thanks to this strength we have gained, we believe we will triumph in every goal and operations to follow. We will triumph in the third stage like we did in the first and second. Our goal for the third phase is to widen to circle around ISIS and to cut off all the roads leading to Raqqa. The international powers against ISIS are providing both aerial and ground support to us. The spirit that emerged during the resistance and liberation of Kobanê is the main spirit on which SDF was built. This spirit has not been defeated so far and all the goals we set for ourselves have succeeded. We believe we will triumph in this stage as well."


SDF Commander Rojda Felat stated that the forces of women multiply as they advance towards Raqqa, telling the followings: "The third phase began from two directions; Metmene and Siluk. Our main goal is to liberate Raqqa. Regarding the participation of women in this operation, I can say that more women are joining and supporting our forces as we make further advances towards Raqqa. At the same time, we as YPJ, Syriac and SDF women are ensuring our organization in order to liberate Raqqa from ISIS through women's force. We as women promised ourselves to liberate the Êzidî women in ISIS captivity."


Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room Commander Ebdılqadir Hevdelli said: “The goal of this operation is to encircle and isolate Raqqa. The forces against terror have provided us with some assistance. We have been given some military vehicles, although in small numbers, but we still attach importance to this support. ISIS is a threat to the whole world. Support for the elimination of this threat must be increased, and I believe it will be so. This operation has revealed clearly that the people welcome our forces with open arms and embrace them. 4 thousand youths have joined the Syrian Democratic Forces during the recent days to liberate their villages and cities. I trust more participation will be witnessed soon.”