Bayık: Turkey's policy on ISIS is dangerous for the whole world

Calling the world's attention to the effective battle of SDF led by YPG/YPJ against the ISIS, Bayık emphasised that; “SDF is capable of pushing the ISIS out of Jarablus and Raqqa unless there happens a support to the ISIS from Turkey's side.

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık stated that the AKP government blackmails the whole world by legitimating and promoting ISIS.

Calling the world's attention to the effective battle of SDF led by YPG/YPJ against the ISIS, Bayık emphasised that; “SDF is capable of pushing the ISIS out of Jarablus within a short time. They can take Raqqa as well unless there happens a support to the ISIS from Turkey's side. International powers should remove this obstacle of Turkey.”

Bayık made significant evaluations in his column on Azadiya Welat and Yeni Özgür Politika dailies, in which he wrote about the elimination of Turkey's barrier in the fight against ISIS, the pro-ISIS mindset growing among the Turkish society and the Turkish state's multidimensional military and political attacks against the Kurdistan people.

Bayık wrote the followings under the title 'AKP blackmails the world', which was translated into English by ANF English service.

"Just like what happened during Turkish national team's previous soccer match in Konya, another national soccer game in Istanbul has witnessed a protest of the slain people. Victims of the Paris attacks were booed and the minute's silence was turned into a public expression of respect for the suicide bombers. This is the point Turkey has got to today. These cases have clearly manifested the sameness of the AKP mindset and ISIS mindset.


Has there ever been witnessed before, a community that rejoices the death of civilians so much? The AKP government has made Turkey into a country where massacre of civilians is welcomed with joy. Nothing could ever be as terrifying as leading the society up to such a point. The praise of murderers and protest of victims in Konya and İstanbul didn't just happen suddenly for no reason. This is a situation created by the AKP government. Besides the political and financial support, ISIS also gets the greatest moral support from Turkey. From this point of view, it is a major illusion to assume that Turkey will fight against the ISIS. Those from the same mindset do not fight but only strengthen each other.


Paris massacre has proved that Turkey pursues a policy that is dangerous for the whole world in addition to the Kurds and the Middle East. Just like the Ankara massacre which was perpetrated in collaboration with AKP, the Paris massacre was also a consequence of the policies pursued by Turkey. Whoever ignores this truth cannot wage a straight fight against the ISIS. It is no more possible to get rid of the ISIS without an elimination of the AKP mindset and policy. ISIS suffers heavy blows one after another in the hands of the Kurdish people's freedom forces but it sustains owing to the policies of the AKP government which blackmails the whole world in an unprecedented manner as a political power.


Erdoğan and AKP always argue that "terror cannot have a religion or identity". Of course, it would be wrong to identify ISIS with Islam. Even, ISIS is the counter-Islam that defames the religion and is an enemy to it. This is true. Yet, there is another reality that ISIS emerged from inside the Islamic community and geography. This has social and historical factors as well, but it is politically important to see the factors that raised and strengthened ISIS. It is a wrong approach to treat the problem on the basis of historical and cultural factors alone. Such an approach would mean legitimating the ISIS's inhuman character which is enemy to humanity. This indeed is what is done by the pro-AKP media which doesn't only legitimate but also promotes ISIS.

This political support is the very first point that needs to be eliminated in order to force ISIS to draw back. In a contrary case, social and cultural precautions might be helpful very much belatedly. In this regard, it is a must that Turkey end its support to the ISIS, which consequently requires a stance against the policies of the AKP. The whole world adopts an attitude against the ISIS now but it will not be possible to accomplish in the fight against ISIS unless Turkey too adopts an anti-ISIS approach.

With regards to the battle against ISIS, it is of primary importance to give a fight on the ground. When viewed from this aspect, the anti-ISIS battle of YPG/YPJ and Syrian Democratic Forces is a dignified one. If ISIS is meant to be defeated, it is these publicly supported forces that will do it. Otherwise, it is not possible to accomplish a (lasting) result in the event that external military forces take over the battle in the field.


ISIS has entered a process of defeat, as long as no wrong policy is pursued in this regard. The Syrian Democratic Forces that involve YPG and YPJ have the capability to defeat ISIS. They can push ISIS out of Jarablus within a short time, and also in Raqqa unless there happens a support from Turkey's side.

Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Armenians, youths, women and other communities across Syria can easily clear their territory of ISIS and Al-Nusra. Once the obstacle of Turkey is eliminated, it will mean ISIS has come to an end. This reality needs to be known by the whole world. If international powers want to defeat ISIS, they should firstly stop Turkey from being an obstacle in front of this struggle.


Turkey is constantly after weakening the forces that fight the ISIS. Within this scope, it wants to make KDP confront PKK now. This is why Feridun Sinirlioğlu (Turkish Foreign Minister) was hastily sent to Hewler soon after November 1 election.

Turkey wants to make KDP and PKK engage in conflict with each other in Shengal, in addition to intending to create such a conflict over Rojava as well. In this way, it is planning to weaken the forces fighting ISIS and thus strengthen his own position. In consideration of the fact that HPG/YJA Star and YPG/YPJ give the most effective fight against ISIS, Turkey wants to make KDP confront these forces and thus relieve its greatest ally, ISIS.

The states subjecting Kurds to cultural genocide and exploitation have always created a conflict and separation among the Kurdish people. However, Kurds have become self-aware and learned their history very well today. This is why these tricks of the Turkish state will be defeated this time."