Bayık: Let them come to Qandil, they'll experience their biggest defeat

Cemil Bayık: Turkey says they will launch an operation on Qandil. Let them come, if they can. Kurdish people won't welcome them with flowers. Turkey will probably experience the biggest defeat in their history.

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık spoke to ANF regarding the most recent developments in Turkey, the fascist regime intended to be built over AKP-MHP alliance and the arrest of HDP deputies.

Bayık called attention to the growing wave of fascism over the alliance of AKP and MHP, stating that Turkish President Racep Tayyip Erdoğan and MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli have joined hands with the ultimate goal of advancing and institutionalizing fascism in Turkey, and that they acting together in every regard and trying to remove every single thing that constitutes an obstacle to the realization of this goal.

Bayık underlined that the efforts to institutionalize fascism include arresting HDP deputies, rendering the HDP headquarters inoperative, imprisoning people in large numbers, seizing the Kurdistan municipalities under the guise of trustees, burning down cities, displacing hundreds of thousands, torturing detainees, insulting Kurds, democrats and intellectuals, murdering the wounded, dragging slain people behind armored vehicles, exposing the naked bodies of slain women and leaving them on streets to let animals dismember their bodies.

Bayık said Turkey has also shut down media outlets and arrested intellectuals in order for the institutionalization of fascism by unifying nationalism and religion. He said this served spreading one-sided propaganda to make everyone believe it.

Bayık stressed that the practices of Erdoğan and Bahçeli went beyond the practices of the 12 September fascist regime, noting that even Kenan Evren did not target the society and social organisation to this extend.

"They want to silence everyone completely and cow them into submission. They consider and treat everyone that doesn't serve them as enemies. This is why they have shut down so many radio and television networks, newspapers and associations. They aim to leave no single piece of organisation. They engage in such an intense psychological warfare because they are too weak. They wouldn't do this much if they were powerful. Those claiming that the PKK has been finished are believed and supported only by those who have benefits in fascism."

Bayık remarked that AKP and MHP also made efforts to organise treason in the Kurdish region by advancing the village guard and watchman systems. He said the goal was to form a collaborative and traitor force meant to move against the Kurds, thus to extract the Kurdish issue from the current position between the Kurds and the state, and to transform it into a conflict among Kurds.

As part of similar efforts, Bayık also drew attention to the propaganda spread across the Kurdish territory by collaborator Kurds and traitors supported by the AKP and MHP. He said this propaganda aimed to render people unsettled and indecisive, to dissuade them from struggle, and thus to divide the Kurdish community and the organisation of democratic and socialist circles in Turkey.

Bayık also touched upon Turkish officials' recent statements hinting an operation on guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan, stressing that Erdoğan will not be able to defeat the PKK despite the probable supports he would receive.

He continued: "Erdoğan says he will eradicate the PKK. Together with that, he tries to fortify nationalism, chauvinism and fascism in Turkey. He intends to commit a genocide against Kurds on this basis. He wants to eliminate the secular, socialist and democrat circles in order to build a regime grounded on nationalism and religion. This is why Erdoğan tries to demonize the PKK and Kurds before Turkish society and international community. Of course he wants to eradicate the PKK, which he will use as the only alternative step towards perpetrating a Kurdish genocide and institutionalizing his own fascist regime. He considers the PKK as a major obstacle to this goal of his, and for this reason he attacks the PKK and anybody related to it with a great anger. However, Erdoğan will bring his own end in this way, just like Hitler did. He cannot ever eradicate the PKK, he is not strong enough to do that, even if he uses all the means of the state and receives support from some international and regional forces, and even from some Kurds. PKK is a movement that has become millions today. It is not made up of a small cadre alone, nor just a small guerrilla movement. PKK has gained a place in the heart and mind of Kurdish people, democrats, patriots and socialists. PKK is the hope of the oppressed, of all the oppressed outside of Turkey as well. If Erdoğan wants to eradicate the PKK, he will need to massacre all the Kurds, all the oppressed, all the intellectuals, democrats, writers and artists that sympathize with it. Erdoğan is not strong enough to do that, and therefore nobody believes his lies. They are recently talking about conducting an operation on Qandil. Let them come, if they can. The Kurdish people will not welcome them with flowers. Turkey will probably experience the biggest defeat in their history."

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık emphasised that there can be no democracy, freedom or justice and nobody will have a safe future in Turkey unless the AKP and MHP are eliminated. He added:

"If people want to secure their future, they should fight against Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascism. PKK will never allow the institutionalization of the Erdoğan-MHP fascism. PKK doesn't fight for itself and Kurds alone but rather for humanity, democracy and justice. This is a struggle for everyone and there will be a definitive victory if it is supported by everyone."