Bahoz Erdal: We prepare for the great war

People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command Member Dr. Bahoz Erdal said the war in the Middle East is not going to end in the short term and added: “The guerrilla prepares for an extensive, long-term war, and this is a necessity.”

People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command Member Dr. Bahoz Erdal appeared on Sterk TV and made important comments.

Bahoz Erdal said the AKP-MHP government has been waging a new war in Kurdistan since 2015 and added that a multifaceted attack has been developed against the people and its movements, stressing that this is part of a new concept.

Erdal stated that, assessing the process from 2019, the people and the movement have displayed a great resistance against the Turkish state’s violent attacks and policies and added that there have been many difficulties throughout the process.

Erdal said the people have suffered greatly in the 4 years of war and paid a great price, pointing to the villages and towns razed to the ground.

Erdal added: “But the resistance was historic. We can say that the Erdogan-Bahceli concept failed.”

People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command Member Dr. Bahoz Erdal said the Turkish state failed in the military arena and stressed that the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla defended the trenches in Southern and Northern Kurdistan.

Erdal said Kurdistan guerrilla has more strength than before and displays great resistance and resolve when the situation calls for it.


Erdal also spoke about the local election results in Kurdistan and Turkey and said: “The most recent elections were a great defeat for the AKP-MHP government. Now the legitimacy of the AKP-MHP government is open for questioning. They aimed to break the Kurdish political power in the elections and posed themselves as the saviors of Turkey in the political sense to break the Kurdish core. They aimed to prolong their rule with this attempt. But they themselves experienced political defeat. Most importantly, they were economically defeated.


Erdal said Turkey is experiencing a great financial crisis but some circles have wrong analyses on the crisis:

“The policies of war against Kurdistan are what brought Turkey to this day. As such, Turkish invasion politics and the AKP-MHP alliance have been defeated in the military and economic sense due to the 4 years of war and thus lost their legitimacy.”


Dr. Bahoz Erdal pointed to the war in the Middle East and said: “There is a war in the Middle East. There is no country in the Middle East where there is no war at the moment. It is apparent that this war is not going to end in the short-term. As such, the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla prepares for an extensive, long-term war. The strategies and tactics are determined accordingly. The new construction, discourse of war and training are prepared for a long-term and extensive war, and that is a necessity. Because the whole region and all of Kurdistan is in a great war. It doesn’t seem to be possible for those who don’t see what’s coming and prepare for it to remain standing. Thus the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla doesn’t think for the short-term. They have fought on the one hand and rebuilt on the other to defeat the invasion policies.”


Erdal spoke about the guerrillas’ preparation and said: “We can list the guerrilla preparations as follows: The preparation this spring has shown that the guerrilla has renewed itself. If guerrillas can use their tactics well, they can void the invaders’ technology and deal a great blow, drawing them into a crisis. The people of Northern Kurdistan must also prepare for a great, long-term war and resistance. Our people should not fall into an expectation for peace. Because all of the Middle East is in a war, and people of the region live in this war. So we must prepare for a great resistance and a rough war, in all aspects. We must not be wary of this war and resistance. We will either live with our own dignity, or we will condemn ourselves to millennias worth of slavery. Right now, our people are determined and there are no doubts.”