Alevis under threat in Malatya: Homes marked

13 homes where Alevis live in Malatya have been marked. Alevis believe police is responsible for the incident and said, “We will not stray from the path of resistance.”

In Malatya, 13 homes where Alevis live in Gökalp Street of the Cemal Gürsel neighborhood have been marked with red paint. Neighborhood residents said police came and investigated the homes in the morning, and added the following:

“We didn’t know about the markings. The police came to our home early in the morning and informed us. It is interesting that we hear about this from the police, even though it was our home that was marked. We believe it was the police who did the marking. The perpetrators must be brought to light at once, otherwise we will continue to blame the police for the incident.”


Pir Sultan Alevi Association (PSDK) Branch Chairperson Mehmet Topal said: “In the coming process, we can imagine what massacres our Alevi citizens could be subjected to. We Alevis, whose faith, philosophy and lifestyle are constantly attempted to be put in a box, do not have to comply with the faith of others. We will continue to live our own culture and faith, and to keep them alive.”


Topal said Alevis constantly struggle to build peace and that they will not stray from the path of resistance despite all attack attempts. Mehmet Topal stressed that they will not stay silent in the face of the homes being marked and added: “It is suspicious and significant that the police came in for investigations before the neighborhood residents were aware of the incident. That is why we Alevis demand that the officials explain this situation at once and bring the perpetrators to light. Otherwise the security officers and the police will be held responsible for the incident.”