A new period of struggle in the 40th year of the PKK

Karayılan issued a statement following the PKK Central Committee regular meeting and said the 40th year of the PKK will be a year of new initiatives.

The PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) Central Committee held its annual regular meeting between October 20-28 in the Medya Defense Zones at a time when the Turkish state, not content with the North, has spilled the war over to Syria and Southern Kurdistan and has decided to enter the 40th year with victory in the Bakur (Northern Kurdistan), construction in Rojava (Western Kurdistan), intervention in Bashur (Southern Kurdistan) and large scale preparations in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan).

All political, military, ideological and organizational matters were extensively discussed for 9 days and many important decisions foreseeing victory in the struggle for freedom and democracy have been reached.

The statement following the meeting was made by Murat Karayılan in the name of the PKK Executive Committee. Karayılan said the Kurdistan freedom struggle is going through a historic process and the developments in Kurdistan and the Middle East have proven the accuracy of Öcalan’s and PKK’s ideas and views, adding that historic decisions have been made in the regular meeting of the Central Committee.


Karayılan continued: “As the Kurdistan Workers Party, we have left 39 years behind and entered our 40th year of struggle. The Kurdistan freedom struggle has a great history. The labors of Leader Apo and our heroic martyrs have been a determining factor in this history. I celebrate our 40th year for Leader Apo, all comrades and participants, the people of Kurdistan and the peoples of the region. We commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution in the person of Haki Karer, our first great martyr, for the 40th anniversary, bow in respect in front of their memories and repeat our promise.

As a party, we will ensure the 40th year is a great year. We want our people and allies to know this: the developments in the region and Kurdistan today strengthen the foundations of the Kurdistan Freedom Revolution and the Middle Eastern Revolution. The 40th year should now be a year of new initiative in Kurdistan. All developments show that as a movement and a people, we must face this historic period correctly. The duties of the year for us are to strengthen the freedom struggle, achieve national unity and organize a new initiative for the freedom of Leader Apo and Kurdistan.


We must act responsibly everywhere we are for the freedom of Leader Apo and a solution in all four parts. We must be aware that the 40th year of the PKK is not an ordinary year. It is historic. Our approach to this year is that we can achieve great gains in the stride towards Kurdistan’s freedom. Thus, we need to increase the strength of the people, the level of popular organization, and mass demonstrations within and outside the country. On this basis, we need to develop further the resistance of the guerrilla and the defense force in every area of Kurdistan. This way we can make the coming year a year of great success and the year of the great march to freedom. The PKK Central Committee believes and trusts in this. We want to make this year the year of truly great struggle.


In this framework, we want to make the following call for the peoples of Kurdistan, politicians, human rights defenders and all allies of the struggle for freedom and democracy in Kurdistan: All should join in this historic process. We can make the coming year a great year, the year of national unity, victory for the revolution and freedom for the people, and the year of freedom for Leader Apo and Kurdistan in this basis. Our march on this path will be a great march. With this faith, we expect important developments in the Kurdistan freedom struggle in the coming year. All patriotic circles should join in this year of struggle. We most sincerely wish success on all comrades, workers and the people of Kurdistan. We hereby state that the 40th year of the PKK will be the year of success, the year of success, the year of success.”