A member of both ISIS and the AKP

Şengül Büyükçelebi, wife of ISIS jihadist Deniz Büyükçelebi, is both an ISIS member and active in the AKP Women's Association. Her husband is closely connected with the main perpetrator of the Ankara massacre.

ISIS terrorist Şengül Büyükçelebi spent a long time in Syria and was at least indirectly involved in massacres. It is now known that she is also an active member of the women's association of the ruling AKP.

Büyükçelebi travelled to Syria with her husband Deniz Büyükçelebi in 2014 and returned to Turkey after the end of the ISIS territorial reign. She gave a statement to the police headquarters in Nizip, Antep on 1 June 2018 and wanted to make use of the law of repentance.

ANF obtained the transcript of her statement which gives clear indications of her activities. Accordingly, she stated to be a member of the AKP women's association. Before she joined the ISIS, she had received religious training with the association "Muslim Youth", sponsored by the governor of Antep. Afterwards, she and her husband left for Syria.

In Syria, Büyükçelebi helped her husband in his work for the ISIS and received a monthly salary in return. Even before she left for Syria, she had accommodated jihadists from other countries in her apartment and, with the help of her husband, organized their crossing of the border into Syria. She states that her man was closely connected with Ibrahim Bali, one of the main perpetrators of the Ankara massacre, in which more than 100 peace activists were murdered on 10 October 2015.

After a protocol was taken down, Büyükçelebi was brought before court and then released for "effective remorse" under registration requirements. For the same reason it was decided at the end of the trial that no prison sentence was necessary.