50,000 people march in Qamishlo against Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan

Speaking at "Meşa Rûmetê", Asya Abdullah said, "Such a war only causes the invaders to settle more in Kurdistan."

The "Meşa Rûmetê" ('Honor March Against Occupation and Betrayal'), was held in Qamishlo to protest the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan and attended by approximately 50,000 people, ended with a march and a rally.

The Liberal Party, Syriac Unity Party, Syrian Roj Democratic Party, Kongreya Star, Democratic Union Party, Syrian Future Party and civil society joined the “Meşa Rûmetê”, which was attended by tens of thousands of people from Qamishlo, Dêrik, Rimêlan, Girkê Legê, Çilaxa, Tibespiyê and Hesekê. Institution representatives also joined the action.

At the rally, Kongra Star Coordination member Asya Abdullah greeted the guerrilla resistance, and said that the resistance will definitely result in victory.

“This march and rally reveals the attitude of our people. The message sent from here is the message of national unity against all kinds of occupation and genocide.” Saying that with a common attitude and will, our struggle will definitely become common, Asya Abdullah pointed out that the statement of the Turkish state saying ‘We are attacking the PKK’ is a big lie.

Stating that the attacks are in fact against Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and all other peoples of the region, Asya Abdullah said: “No one can deceive us and our people. If the KDP is not ready to fight, it should step aside and not support the enemy. We definitely have a chance and opportunity to win."

Asya Abdullah added that the Turkish state wants to bring back the Ottoman empire period with its current attacks and noted that this is not an acceptable situation.

Drawing attention to the relationship established by the Turkish state with the KDP, Asya Abdullah warned that they are provoking an inter-Kurdish civil war.

"We never want to experience or see a new fratricide war," said Asya Abdullah and continued: "Such a war only causes the invaders to settle more in Kurdistan. If the forces from South Kurdistan do not want an inter-Kurdish war to break out, they must withdraw the forces they have send to guerrilla areas. No one should second Erdogan's politics or his games. These attacks are annihilation attacks against the Kurds. All Kurdish movements against the occupation and genocide should unite under the roof of national unity.”