EMEP to contest Turkey's elections on the list of the Green Left Party

EMEP will contest the parliamentary elections in Turkey on the list of the Green Left Party (YSP) in order to avoid losing votes.

The Labour Party (EMEP), an affiliate of the Labour and Freedom Alliance, has decided to contest the 14 May parliamentary elections in Turkey through the Green Left Party (YSP) list in order to avoid losing votes. 

The Labour and Freedom Alliance, which has already announced its decision not to field a candidate in the presidential elections, is setting out its strategy for the parliamentary elections. The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), the Green Left Party (YSP), the Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP), the Labour Party (EMEP), the Social Freedom Party (TÖP), the Labour Movement Party (EHP) and the Union of Socialist Councils (SMF), which are members of the alliance, reached a consensus on 24 March. While HDP, TÖP, EHP and SMF decided to run on the Green Left Party list, TIP and EMEP wanted to enter the election with their own logos. A protocol to this effect was submitted to the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) on the same day.

EMEP has now revised this decision because the division would lead to the loss of MP seats due to the existing electoral system. The EMEP statement describes the upcoming elections as an extremely critical moment in Turkey's history.

"The current and urgent aim of our party is to defeat one-man rule and to advance the struggle of the exploited and oppressed masses of the people. For this, it remains our priority to strengthen the joint struggle work with the Labour and Freedom Alliance. With this understanding and attitude, we as EMEP continue our preparations for participation in the elections on 14 May 2023 as part of the Labour and Freedom Alliance. For the future, the expansion and strengthening of the Labour and Freedom Alliance and for the representation of the forces standing for labour, peace and democracy and especially the working class in parliament, it was decided to participate in the elections with our own candidates on the list of the Green Left Party," said the EMEP statement.