Xakurke: With F-16 jets against animals and plants

The Turkish army not only kills civilians in their invasion of southern Kurdistan, but also largely destroys nature in Xakurke in an attempt to depopulate the region.

Not only the civilian population, but also the flora and fauna in the region of Xakurke in the triangle corner area between Iraq, Iran and Turkey suffers from the Turkish invasion. Since the end of May, the area has been continuously bombed by F-16 fighter jets, Cobra helicopters, mortars and howitzers. Particularly affected are Sheikh Zade and Valley Lolan, the foothills of Mount Shekif and Hill Lelikan.

Xakurke paints a picture of scorched endemic plant species and shredded wildlife. Trees, water sources, plants, snakes and many other creatures are the victims of the occupation operation of the Turkish regime.

One of the guerrilla fighters in the region shows us a snake killed in this war of the Turkish state against natural life. Rojhat Torî comes from Kerboran (Dargeçit district of Mardin province). He says that the nature of Kurdistan, which guerrillas are prepared to protect for the price of their lives, has been bombarded by the Turkish army for days without interruption.

"The Turkish occupying army brutally attacks the Kurds and everything belonging to them. The Kurdish landscape has been exploited and destroyed for centuries. Many creatures are threatened with extinction because of the bombing,” Torî explains, adding:" As the liberation guerrilla force, we will continue defending our land, our waters, and our nature against the attacks. It's about the biggest resistance in history. After Afrin, the Turkish state wants to occupy Southern Kurdistan. It ruthlessly destroys nature as well. Because his army cannot defeat the guerrillas, he lets out his anger on nature. Animals are killed, plants and pastures destroyed. The goal is to depopulate the region.”