Village guards cut down trees on Mount Cudi

The invading Turkish state's village guards are cutting trees in the Besta Tikera area on Mount Cudi.

In the Besta Tikera region of  the Cudi Mountain in Şırnak, which is under the control of the invading Turkish soldiers, village guards have been cutting down trees for days.

It has been stated that around 400 tons of trees have been cut down every day. Trees in the region have been cut down since Tuesday.

It was stated that the majority of the tree cutting in the Besta Tikera area was carried out by nearly 70 village guards, and it was learned that the trees were cut with shanks. It was reported that 30 tractors were brought to the area where the trees were cut and trees were taken from the region at least four times a day. Tons of chopped up trees are taken to the military battalion between Şenoba and Balveren.

Tree-cutting areas are generally located near military base areas that are declared as special security zones.

In the past year trees have been cut down in the areas of Gurariştê, Gera Rûviya, Şikira Kera in the countryside of Cevizdibi (Cifane), Dağkonak (Nerex), Kemerli (Gilindor), Üçkiraz (Nêvava), Karaca (Sorbitnê), Koyuneren (Bêşêrê), Anmış (Gundikê Remo) in Banê Elî.