Egyptian experts: The way is paved for Turkish occupation in South Kurdistan

According to Egyptian experts, the silence of the international powers, the weakness of Iraq and the contradictions between the Kurds are being used by the Turkish state to continue its invasion attacks.

Egyptian intellectuals evaluated Turkey's invasion attacks against southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) for the ANF. Author Suphi Musa said that these invasion attacks should be reviewed together with the other attacks in the region, especially in Syria, Iraq and Libya. He noted that Turkey takes advantage of the silence of international powers and their contradictions.

“Iraq is currently the weakest among the Arab states. It is a country that has serious problems and various agreements have been signed over it. Taking advantage of this situation, Turkey continues its attacks and tries to expand its sphere of influence.”


Rejayê Fayed, head of the Egyptian Centre for Kurdish Studies and also a Member of the Egyptian Foreign Relations Council, addressed a call to the officials of the Kurdistan regional government and Iraq and all political parties. He stated that all contradictions should be set aside, noting that the Maxmur attack represented a deep hatred towards the Kurds.

“I cannot understand and I condemn the silence of the Iraqi and the South Kurdistan governments on this attack. I know the national sentiments of all political parties in the South Kurdistan. Most of these parties know me. I know that all of them are sensitive in the Kurdish cause. My call to them is that they should not act with narrow party interests when it comes to the national cause. I urge them to put national interests above party interests. The fact that fighter jets fly over those civilian refugees and drop bombs on them causes deep sadness inside me. I can't understand the silence towards this.”

“The Turkish state has cut down thousands of trees so far. They take trees to Turkey to sell. This is a crime against humanity and, above all, against the Kurds. They are constructing roads to stay in our country,” Fayed added.


According to Dr. Kerem Seid, Turkey expert at the Ehram Research Centre, Turkey continues its activities to invade South Kurdistan and Iraq in order to bargain with international powers.

Seid noted that Turkey has always attacked many places under the cover of fight against the PKK. He emphasized that the Turkish state wants to separate Rojava, Bakur and Bashur from each other.