The precious qualities of mulberry molasses

In Binarê Qendil, women rolled up their sleeves to make mulberry molass.

Mulberry molass is said to be good for cancer and many stomach diseases.

Women in Binarê Qendil talked to Roj News about how to make mulberry syrup.

Mulberry molasses production

Gul Hesen told about the early stage of the mulberry molasses, i.e. the collection of the precious fruits. "When the mulberries are mature, nylon is laid under the trees and a few young men climb on and shake the branches."

Hesen continued: "The collected mulberries are then cleaned and placed in a large cauldron. The mulberries have to boil for one hour are then put in bags. Stones are placed on the bags.

When the mulberry leaves its water, it is boiled again over the fire for 4-5 hours. When it becomes thick, it is allowed to cool and then filled into jars."

Benefits of Molasses

Meyr Ehmet drew attention to the benefits of molasses. "Not everybody can make mulberry molasses. Because if the molasses boils a little or a little more, it doesn't taste good. If prepared correctly, it will be of benefit to many diseases. Molasses are good for anemia, cough and many other diseases. The molasses made by hand are cleaner and more natural."