Hevsel Gardens, a wonder of nature colors

Hevsel Gardens, which has been for 8 thousand years an agricultural area in Amed and has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, are experiencing an explosion of colors with the arrival of the autumn.

Hevsel Gardens in Amed, known as Kurdistan Birds Paradise, are experiencing an explosion of colors with the arrival of the autumn.

Hevsel Gardens, are the seven hundred hectares of cultivated, fertile lands near the Tigris, between Amed Walls and the river.

It is one of the most fertile areas of urban agriculture created between the city and the river, with the objective of providing water and food for the inhabitants. Numerous springs emerge from beneath the basalt and the gardens are divided into five terraces above the present Tigris floodplain.

The Hevsel Gardens are first mentioned in Aramean chronicles dating from the ninth century BC, the settlement of Diyarbakır on the hill above having been established earlier than this.

According to researches, Hevsel Gardens, which has 181 bird species, provides a visual feast with different plant and animal species with the arrival of the autumn.