HDP: Turkey has become a water-poor country

On World Water Day, the HDP's Ecology Commission draws attention to the fact that water is being made a commodity. In view of the Corona pandemic, the party is calling for water bills to be deferred.

Menekşe Kızıldere and Naci Sönmez, co-spokespersons of the Ecology Commission of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), drew attention to Turkey's water policy on World Water Day.

"With 1519 cubic metres per person per year, Turkey is now a water-poor country. Despite this, Turkey still ranks seventh worldwide in terms of per capita water consumption. The state must account to its citizens for the amount of polluted and dwindling water. Local governments must provide clean drinking water to the citizens from whom they levy taxes. In many places in Turkey the water from taps is not drinkable. People have to pay money to companies for drinking water. This turns water into a commodity," says the statement, in which the HDP also calls for water bills to be deferred in view of the Corona pandemic.

The World Water Day has been held every year since 1993 on 22 March, and in 2020 it has the motto "Water and Climate Change". According to the UNESCO World Water Report, 2.2 billion people have no access to clean water. Global water consumption is six times higher than 100 years ago.