Başkale district of Van entirely flooded

In Van and Hakkari provinces of North Kurdistan, heavy rainfalls caused a serious flood. In Başkale, tens of houses and workplaces reportedly suffered damage.

In Van and Hakkari provinces, multiple points flooded due to heavy rainfalls. The flood affected the residents of many villages and neighbourhoods.

Especially the Başkale district in Van was entirely affected by the flood. Shopkeepers abandoned their workplaces. Many houses and workplaces were flooded. 

Also, the Awareş region in Başkale district located on Van highway, has been affected by a flood. It was reported that while the flood closed Van-Hakkari highway, multiple neighbourhoods of Çaldıran, Saray, Özalp and Ipekyolu districts struggled against debacles.

On August 1, the Xaşkan (Esenyamaç) neighbourhood of Başkale district suffered a flood and people climbed up to high points to protect themselves.

In the same neighbourhood, the flood on July 31 demolished tens of houses and animal barns. Many vehicles were flooded and the whole neighbourhood suffered serious damage.