Youth Internationalist Festival held in Germany

The international youth festival to be held in the German city of Euskirchen is organized by the Internationalist Youth Alliance.

The festival is organised with the slogan: "Destroy fascism, protect nature".

Kurdish and internationalist young people from many parts of Europe joined the festival.

A march was first organised by youth. Activists were carrying photos of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan as well as the martyrs of freedom and the flags of YPG-YPJ.

After the march, Marius Sackers on behalf of the Internationalist Youth Alliance touched upon the process from the construction of the festival to the present, and said that the festival was a major step towards unity and partnership for the coming phase.

Later, the band Lardy's from the Basque Country took the stage. While the concert was held the football teams of SV Kurdistan BV and Azadî Wuppertal played for the first place. Free Youth Paris and Athlethic Amed faced for the third and fourth place.

After Lardy's, was the turn of Kurdish group Koma Siyabend.

After another speech, the group Govend performed dances reflecting the traditional Kurdish culture.

The music continued with Kurdish artist Xecê. Later, Kurdish hip-hop singer Serhado took the stage.

Dirk Campbell, the father of internationalist fighter Anna Campbell, who lost her life in Rojava address the young audience. Campbell said Anna would follow her path to the end. Campell told about his acquaintance with Kurdish music and the years he played.

The messages of YDG, Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger, Basque and Catalan activists were read. In the messages, especially the climate problem was underlined as was the importance of internationalist struggle.

Jinên Ciwan ên Azad, with its play, drew attention to the fact that the current problems stem from the male-dominated system and the importance of women's collective struggle.

Then musician and composer Mikail Aslan took the stage. He was followed by the performance of Kurdish artist Hüseyin Bozbayır.

There was great cheers for the football awards with SV Kurdistan winner of the first place. BV Azadi Wuppertal camen second and Athlethic Amed third.

Games of chess, children's games, table tennis activities, panels and exhibitions were held in the festival area. The festival was a success, said the organisers and closed with a concert by rapper S. Castro who got en enthusiastic welcoming.