Young Siyabend, in the footsteps of Egîdê Cimo

Siyabend Güler, who loves to play Mey even though he is only 10 years old, is walking in the footsteps of Egîdê Cimo, known as 'Kavalın Miri'.

Siyabend Güler (10) and Semend Güler (8) are 2 brothers who love to play Mey. Dozens of people gather around the two young brothers when they start playing Mey in Şerefiye District, in Armuşa Yolu (Van).

Siyabend and Semend are walking in the footsteps of Egîdê Cimo, known as 'Kavalın Miri' at a young age. Siyabend Güler, who started playing mey at the age of 8, has been playing Egîdê Cimo's works for 2 years. All members of Siyabend Güler’s family are interested in kaval, Mey and many other musical instruments. Syabend learned this art from his father. Siyabend Güler, who is from Batman, roams the city to steal Mey and Kaval. Siyabend Güler, who tours the cities of Kurdistan with his father, who plays the kaval, plays on the streets.

Siyabend Güler, who did a comprehensive program to learn all kinds of Kurdish music, later wanted to become an educator in this field. Güler's biggest dream is to be successful like 'Kavalin Miri' Egîdê Cimo.

He said that Egîdê Cimo left a great legacy to the Kurds, and added that he struggled to protect this legacy. Stating that Kaval and Mey are instruments of an ancient culture, Siyabend added: "Kaval hides the values of the Kurds. I feel very peaceful when I play Kaval and Mey. I love this art. I learned this art from my father two years ago. Both my father and my brother play Kaval. I play the repertoire broadcast by Radio Êrîvan. In order not to lose this valuable culture, I show this art in every city I go to. Our society should protect this art."