Yazidi artists release music video for martyr Mam Beşir

Several Yazidi artists have released a musical video for Mam Beşir who was martyred in Shengal.

Yazidi people who were martyred during the August 3, 2014 massacre against Yazidis are commemorated with various activities.

One of the revolutionaries who defended Shengal was Hesen Dûtar, popularly known as Mam Beşir, who was murdered in Shengal on December 14, 2020.

The Yazidi artists from the Yazidi Cultural Centre artists produced a music video for Mam Beşir on the 7th anniversary of the Shengal massacre.

Artists Xemdar, Berfîn, Hîkmet Bira and Silêman Rengîn performed the song which was written and composed by Xemdar.

In a written statement, the Yazidis said that “We will protect our heroes with our voice and melodies, and we will not forget them.”