Yazidi artists in Hannover protest Shengal agreement

Yazidi artists came together in Hannover in an event promoted to support Shengal. The artists protested the Shengal agreement between the KDP and Baghdad.

In the city of Hannover Yazidi artists organised an action to support Shengal. The event was organised by Nawenda Çanda Ezîdxane (NÇÊ). A mini concert was held in Hannover Steintor Square with the participation of many Yazidi artists. After the concert a speech was made on behalf of NÇÊ artists. "As Yazidi artists, we are ready to defend Shengal with our art, voice and presence. Leader Öcalan must be free, because only when he is free, we could be free."

In the statement, made in German, attention was drawn to the Shengal agreement signed by Hewler (Erbil) and Baghdad governments on 9 October.

The statement said that the agreement was a continuation of the policies implemented against the Yazidi people in 2014. "As long as the freedom movement is here, they will not be able to achieve their goals. Shengal lands were watered with the blood of our heroic guerrilla forces. Let everyone know well that we will defend these values ​​with our soul and blood. The land of Derweş and Egit will be free, Shengal will be free."

After the announcement, artists Süleyman Rengin, Bavê Ronî, Emin Hemdûna, Nalin û Nazdar, Rewî, and Agit Şhengal each singed a song, and the event ended with slogans.