Short film tells the story of refugees in Shehba

The short film "Story of a Refugee" is a production of the Shehba Canton Culture and Arts Committee and will be released soon.

The Shehba Canton Culture and Arts Committee is working on a short film called “Story of a Refugee”. The screenwriter and director of the film is Abdulezîz El Kosa, Board Member of Shebha Canton Culture and Arts Committee. The film deals with the suffering of all Syrian people, and especially the people of Northern and Eastern Syria, and the war they are faced with.

Director Abdulezîz El Kosa talked about the content of the film which is divided in two parts. Both deal with the situation of the Syrian people during the Syrian crisis and the attacks of the invading Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria.

Abdulezîz El Kosa told ANHA that the first part, titled "Autumn Tree", tells the story of the attacks against the people of North and East Syria. The film likened the local people to the leaves of olive trees in seasonal changes. The script deals with the issues of immigration, youth unemployment and migration of young people to foreign countries despite their families needing them. It also touches on the role of capitalist power in removing young people from their land and families in search of a better life.

Referring to the second part of the film, Abdulezîz El Kosa said: “The second part address the issue of 'martyrdom'

Director El Kosa said that the main purpose of the film is to show the life of refugees and their persecution and called on those who migrated abroad to return to their lands.