Women scream in silence

Women scream in silence

In this region, a woman’s wailing is a silent scream that nobody hears. It is same everywhere, in cities, in villages, in mountains. It is the scream of a woman who gives birth to her children, feeds them, rears them, and then, one day, she buries them with her own hands. In every war, she sheds the most tears, she suffers most and also she struggles most. She pays the biggest price for war.

Modern dance group of Mesopotamia Cultural Centre (MKM) presents the dance show, Qerina Be Deng (silent scream) which, in general, is about the exploitation and the slavery of the women in capitalist and male dominant system. And also, in particular, it is about the Kurdish women’s problems and their struggle during the war.


The first performance of the dance show “Qerina Be Deng” was last Wednesday in Dormen theatre hall. The problems and difficulties, which women experience in this social environment, will be told by the simple movements of dance by 6 women. In other words, this is the story of 6 women who live in our society. Choreography of Qerina Be Deng is by Serhat Kural. Ayse Kaya, Ahmet Coskun, Sibel Dilan Kalco, Pinar Torun, Duygu Tepe, Eser Aktas, Leyla Adlig and Kenan Yildiz are all working in MKM, and taking part and acting in this show. Lighting design is by Yesim Coskun. The main theme of the show is about, in general, the problems which a woman has, as a mother, as a wife, as a human being and also in particular, is about the difficulties the Kurdish women face and their struggle during the war. All these stories are brought together and presented in the harmony of dance and music.


Choreographer Serhat Kural explains their approach to the show. He told us “ We started to work in January. Firstly, we were inspired by Mothers of Peace and Saturday’s Mothers (A group of women whose sons and daughters are either killed or in prisons, gather together every Saturday in protest of war and oppression). For two months we made our researches. When we conclude the research, we realized that our views are widely accepted and expanding. When we start a project, we try very carefully to understand the real dynamics of the situation. We reconsidered our own experiences as well. We also realized that what we achieved in general was more or less, the unique experience every one of us had. Every one of us has lost someone. We had really emotional moments. Please bear in mind that one dancer is telling you her sister’s story, the other one is telling the story of her mother or her aunty”


Most of the dancers in Qerina Be Deng, will be dancing on stage for the first time in their lives. This will be their first public performance. Pinar Torun will be acting in two different characters. One of them is about a girl who misses her guerrilla sister and her determination not to give in whatever difficulty she faces. The other character is a mother who suffers because her son is in prison cell, meanwhile, she finds encouragement and hope by her daughters struggle as a guerrilla fighter.

Duygu Tepe will be performing in all whites. She talked about her feelings for this act. “I know that I carry a huge responsibility on my shoulders. I dance with the shadow of this weight which is more important than my self. And I also know that many women wear those white clothes because they are forced to, against their wishes. Instead of getting ready for their wedding, they get ready for their funeral. By dancing, I try to voice their silent scream” she said.


Eser Aktas believes that dancing is a way of expressing one’s own feelings by using the body instead of language. One dancer gets her wings and starts telling us about the violence against women. Another dancer is telling us about women who are oppressed by traditions. She told us that white represents purity and cleanness. And also represents the head cover of the mothers. “Women mean peace, we tried to tell the story of women and their silent scream” she says.

Kenan Yildiz believes that they learnt so much by working in that project. He said, “ It will be our first public performance, we were trained by very good teachers and I feel extremely lucky for this. This workshop helped me to realize my weak points”

Ayse Kaya said they followed a very intensive program in preparation for this show. She told us that, in Qerina Be Deng, a mother’s sufferance, her innocence and her power is shown simultaneously along with women’s oppression and their struggle. “ We will be on stage presenting all of these things” she said.