TJA celebrates Kurdish Language Day

TJA celebrated the 15 May Kurdish Language Day and called on people to reclaim their language.

The Free Women's Movement (TJA) issued a written statement to mark 15 May Kurdish Language Day, saying; "Women are those struggling for Kurdish language and existence."

The statement remarked that the Turkish government aims at removing the Kurdish woman from her mother language and added: "The woman with the identity and construction of the society has always been the target of the governments and continues to be so."

The TJA also remembered Leyla Qasım, who was executed by the Baath regime in Iraq, and Sirîn Elhemhulî, who was executed by the Iranian regime: "In such an important day, we commemorate those who struggle for their language, do not compromise their identity and language, do not step back in front of denial and assimilation. In such an important day we reiterate the call to claim our language. We will continue to fight for the freedom of languages."