Theatre against Turkish occupation

Then actors and people stood hand in hand.

Martyr Dr. Sirwan Theater Group staged a theatre performance in a street in Sulaymaniyah to protest the Turkish state's invasion of South Kurdistan.

The theater group, who wanted to draw attention to the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state in Başure Kurdistan, wore white clothes and put mud on their faces.

Green, red, yellow and white banners representing the 4 parts of Kurdistan were part of the scenography as were banners writing "Get out of our lands", "Enough is enough".

Dozens of citizens stopped to watch the performance. The actors criticised the silence of the government about the attacks of the Turkish state, and people were called to resist.

Children were part of the performance and their conditions in the bombed areas of Bradost, Efrin, Şeladizê were exposed.

After giving messages about the Kurdish national unity, the national anthem was sung.

Then actors and people stood hand in hand.