The colorful Merîvan Street Theater Festival continues

The 12th edition of the Merîvan Street Theater Festival has left four days behind.

The 12th International Street Theater Festival continues in Merîvan, Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan). The first four days of the festival saw over a hundred plays staged and 39 plays by actors from various countries throughout the world were staged on the second day. There were 32 plays on the third day.

In various points in Merîvan including the Theater Square, the Zerîbar Lake Front, the Stadium Square, the Serbaz Square, the Şehriwend Park, the Bave Reşî Square, the Ziryan Park and the Şine Park, actors from all over the world staged their plays.

After the staging of the play “Last Frontier of Labor” about the life of kolbers, border porters, the audience chanted “End Kolber Deaths” for minutes.

The people of Merîvan showed great interest in the theater festival which is attended by 362 actors and directors from Rojhilat and Iran, and Brazil, Spain, France, Azerbaijan and Southern Kurdistan.

After the plays ended yesterday, a group of actors went into the market to do some shopping, but the people of Merîvan told them they were guests and didn’t accept their money.

A clown from Ukraine experienced this and said the following before a play: “I can say that Merîvan is one of the most special cities in the world. When we went into the market, the shopkeepers didn’t take any money from us. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. Thank you, Merîvan.”