The 32nd Mihrican Festival kicked off in Hannover

Today 26 traditional bands will take the stage of the Mihrican.

The 32nd edition of Mihrican, the longest-running festival of Kurds living in Europe, has kicked off with great enthusiasm in Hannover.

Hundreds of traditional dancers and people wearing traditional clothes gathered at Hannover Train Station giving the city the colours of Kurdistan.

Traditional dancers from many German cities and France and Switzerland stopped in front of the HBF with the traditional davul, drum.

Then the Mihrican march began. The bride, who was put on a horse adorned with yellow, red and green colours, was at the forefront of the cortege, and the mass symbolizing the wedding procession from behind followed.

After the march, the artists went to the Kurdish Center where the folklore contest will be held today.

The Mihrican festival in the Kurdish Centre began with a minute of silence.

The opening speech on behalf of the Organizing Committee was made by TEV-ÇAND co-chairs Bülent Turan and Xezal Ertaş.

The co-chairs who pointed out that Mihrican had a great importance in the culture of Kurdistan and that this culture should be kept alive, said: “This is our youth who will keep the culture and its richness alive.”

Among the speakers were Ayfer Amara and Ciwan Chewlik, who spoke on behalf of the Center for Democratic Kurdish Community in Hannover, 

They said they were happy and proud to host such a valuable festival, and conveyed their wishes for success to all participants.

Children's dance groups Koma Cangori and Koma Mam Zeki took the stage on Saturday along with other groups and singer, such as Koma Evine Sarya and Şeyma Serhat.

Today 26 traditional bands will take the stage of the Mihrican.