TEV-ÇAND's Turan says that artists have a global responsibility

TEV-ÇAND co-chair Bülent Turan said that artists should take responsibility of the global struggle in this phase of crisis of capitalist modernity.

Speaking to ANF, Kurdish Cultural Movement (TEV-ÇAND) co-chair Bülent Turan said that artists have a leading role in the creation of democratic modernity, which is an alternative to the capitalist modernity that only creates crisis and disease.

Turan said: "The artist is not a politician, but he is not separated from political situations." 

Claiming that a democratic, free society and system is the ideal of the artist, Bülent Turan added: "The artist is not a politician. He will not approach events and facts like a politician, but he will not remain indifferent to politics because he knows that politics will have a direct impact on his artistic life and freedom."

Turan said that a free political life paves the way for the artist and his/her developments. "In totalitarian, oppressive and fascist regimes, art is forced into desertification. It is very difficult to talk about democracy and freedom in countries where artists do not interact effectively with politics."

Turan added: "We have to say that artists have not taken an adequate leadership for the liberation of Kurdistan and democratization of Turkey. Turkey and Kurdistan artists are relatively scattered and not organized."