Peace message from Amûdê Music Group

Amûdê Music Group released the clip of the song "Were Insan". In the clip attention is drawn to the beauties of differences and the damage done to people by war.

After 6 months of work, Amûdê Music Group released the clip of the song "Were Insan". The group consists of 9 people. The clip shows the flags of the countries of the world, people from different cultures and nations, children living in the camps. The clip draws attention to the beauties of differences, and deals with the damage done to people by war.

Speaking about the clip, Murad Saz, one of the members of the music group, told ANHA that they tried to show the damage caused by violence and war to human life with this work.

Hesen El-Hesen, who is from Amûde and is the author of the song, said: “We want the song to spread so that our message reaches humanity. And we're trying to do that.” 

El-Hesen said he wrote the lyrics of the song in 2007 and added: "Although I've written it a few years ago, I hadn’t published it anywhere yet. I was waiting for an appropriate time and place for my message to be understood better. I wrote about war, massacre and violence, the reality of human being before war, the effects of religion and race discrimination on human life. With these words, I wanted to send a message to all humanity.”

El-Hesen said that the lyrics of the song are in Arabic and English, and that the reason why he chose these two languages was for his message to reach a wider audience.

Speaking about the story of the song, El-Hesen said: “There are 4 children from 4 different nations. They are gathered together, playing and laughing together. This shows that there is no racism among children. But when they grow up, things change.” 

The song consists of several different parts. More videos will be published after the first.