New song by guerrilla band Awazê Çiya: From mountains to seas

Awazê Çiya music band composed of guerrillas has released a new song called “From mountains to seas”.

Awazê Çiya did not stop working even during the hardest times of war in the mountains of Kurdistan. The band continues to produce their music even under the duress of the Turkish occupation attacks against Medya Defense Zones this year.

Other guerrillas, members of Mountain Cinema, have taken care of the visual dimension of the production of the music group, and have recently released many video clips.

Awazê Çiya's revolutionary songs reach the public through these video clips. The works made and recorded in very difficult conditions are listened and watched by people with great interest.

After the songs 'Xakurkê’, 'Dil Pola' and 'Serhildana Şoreşe', the guerrilla band has released a new song called “From mountains to seas” also accompanied by a video clip. This is the third video clip by the guerrilla band since the month of May.

The latest song, performed in Turkish, gives messages of resistance, history and struggle for environment. Its video clip, which depicts street resistance against fascism, struggle of environmentalists and Peace Mothers, also shows Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Turkish revolutionary movement leader Deniz Gezmiş and Gandhi.