New song by artist collective from Northern Kurdistan

After two months of preparation, an artist collective from Northern Kurdistan has completed the song "PKK" along with its accompanying video: "We tried to reflect society's passion for Kurdish resistance."

A collective of "revolutionary artists" from Northern Kurdistan has produced a new catchy tune, "PKK," and now released it with the accompanying video.

Regarding their inspiration, the collective says, "As artists of our people, we are concerned with being the voice of the resistant. We have tried to reflect the passion that the resistance and liberation struggle of the Kurdish movement against fascism generates in society."

Synonymous with this resistance, it said, is the Kurdistan Workers' Party, PKK. For this reason, it said, the play was also named after the movement founded by Abdullah Öcalan. "Our self-image is to seek the truth through art. The PKK is the embodiment of this truth par excellence. That's why, together with other Kurdish and revolutionary artists, we dedicate ourselves to projecting the truth in our music."