MED-DER: You cannot make us step back

A press conference was organised for 11 people who were detained within the operation launched against Mesopotamia Language and Culture Research Union in Amed on Monday.

On April 26th, 11 people including Rıfat Roni, co-chair of Mesopotamia Language and Culture Research Union (MED-DER) were taken into custody in a police operation in Amed (Diyarbakır). People detained are still held in Diyarbakır Police Headquarters.

MED-DER released a press statement on the purpose of drawing attention to detentions.

The press conference was participated by Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Provincial co-chair İrfan Söner, administrators and members of the union.

Reza Aktulum, administrator of MED-DER, stated that they started the day with a political genocide operation against cultures and languages again, on Monday.

Recalling that Rıfat Roni, co-chair of MED-DER was among the people detained, Aktulum asked: “Why is a lover of language arrested? Why does protecting languages and culture disturb you?”

“We want to make clear that you cannot make us step back. We will enhance our studies and researches on language and culture,” added Aktulum.

Pointing out the impossibility of criminalizing democratic ways through pressure and detentions, Aktulum added: “We reject political genocide and condemn these operations. Detained people must be immediately released.”