Kurdish Language Platform lists demands

The Kurdish Language Platform (Platforma Zimanâ Kurdî) held a press conference to urge the Turkish Language Association (TDK) to work on Kurdish.

Speaking at the press conference held in the Southeastern Journalists Association in Amed-Diyarbakir, Kurdish Language Platform spokesperson Şerefxan Cizirî called on the TDK to deal with the Kurdish language.

Cizirî said that the TDK has only published a Turkish-Kurdish dictionary until now, adding that they did not find this sufficient either.

 “The strengthening of the sense of equality of the Kurds on the basis of human rights and democracy is naturally possible when they see  their cultural and identity rights are recognize. Of course, we do not intend to explain the importance of language, which is the most important sign of cultural and identity existence, to you language experts, our aim is to make the language of justice and conscience speak. The Kurds want to see cultural activities they do in their own language in all institutions in Turkey. In other words, they want to see the acceptance of its cultural and identity existence through cultural activities and especially language.’’

Cizirî added: “In order for Kurdish to be accepted as a language of culture and life independent from all political conflicts we want the Kurdish language to be studied at the Turkish Language Institution and to publish works made in this language.’’

Calling on the TDK, Cizirî listed the platform's demands as follows:

* Opening a Kurdish branch of your institution in Diyarbakır or opening a Kurdish branch-chair in Ankara,

* Employment of Kurdish experts,

* Making a comprehensive Kurdish dictionary study,

* Making an etymological Kurdish dictionary study,

* Kurdish scanning dictionary work,

* Making a Kurdish Idioms and Proverbs Dictionary study,

* The publication of a digital Kurdish dictionary,

* Organizing an International Kurdish Symposium,

* Publishing a journal "Kurdish Grammar" quarterly,

* We want the studies conducted in the field of Kurdish grammar to be published."